Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Renew Band plays Haymarket!

Last weekend, the band that Brett plays the drums in (The ReNew Band) played at the New Life campus in Haymarket.

This was Brett's and my first time at Haymarket so we were excited to meet a some new faces and hear a preacher we had never heard before. The Haymarket campus pastor, Chad, did a sermon titles "Love your children" which included a great story about "poop brownies" which I am excited to use as a teaching tool for my kids one day (I will try to put a post about the story later).

The band also did an amazing job, despite having to change their set a little the morning of. They sang some of the songs they played at their appearance in Centreville in July, and including the John Mayer song, Daughters, to tie into the theme of the sermon.

I believe this performance will be the band's last morning performance, as they will exclusively be playing on Sunday evenings now during the ReNew service at New Life's Centreville Campus.

ReNew service will be targeting young adults and will have services on the first Sunday of every month starting in September. If you are interested in more information please let me know!

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