Wednesday, January 20, 2010

This morning's exchange

Peter (whining) - I want a bagel.

Me - You need to ask nicely.

Peter (still whining) - Ask NICELY! Bagel please mommy.

Me - You need to stop whining

Peter - (still whining and getting louder) No, I LIKE whining

Me - I think you need to go to time out

Peter - (screaming in his whiney voice) No, I don't LIKE timeout!

Mornings like these make me want to call and appologize to my parents.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Be Patient

This morning when I went to get Peter up, he was holding some of his flash cards. Next to him in bed was the box they came in ripped into 2 pieces.

Peter - I broke the box, Mommy

Me - I see that.

Peter - My flash cards were in there.

Me - I know Peter, but when you want something you need to be careful and patient so you don't break things. We will tape the box after breakfast.

Not 5 minutes later I was getting Peter dressed and changing him into a fresh diaper. I went to Velcro one side closed and the Velcro strap broke off in my hand.

Me - Oops!

Peter - Mommy you need to be more careful and patient.

I really should have seen that one coming.

Friday, January 8, 2010

One word

Brett just called to tell me about a conversation he had with a co-worker (we will call him Brian... because that is his name). This is paraphrased as I clearly was not there:

Brian - Hey, have you been on Facebook today?

Brett - Yes, why?

Brian - Well, a bunch of people are just putting 1 word status messages up. Its weird.

Brett - What are they writing?

Brian - Stuff like, pink, nude, black, lace

Brett - Were they all girls?

Brian - I don't know, maybe? I did it too.

Brett - Really, what did you put up?

Brian - Caramelized

Brett - That's funny, because my wife was telling me this morning how she had a bunch of forwards from her girl friends this morning telling girls to put the color or their bra up as their Facebook status.


Here is the forward I received this morning from a bunch of friends and family (that I told Brett about). I am apparently a giant prude because I didn't post my color. Only Brett gets to know top secret info like that!

"We are playing a game...... silly, but fun! Write the color of your bra as your status, just the color, nothing else!! Copy this and pass it on to all girls/Females ...... NO MEN!! This will be fun to see how it spreads, and we are leaving the men wondering why all females just have a color as their status!! Lets have fun ladies!"

Over heard at the Gardner House...

Peter made some comments yesterday that stopped me in my tracks in amazement at home he is developing and picking up on thing that I say.

In the morning, he brought Aaron his "Lovey Lamb" (Aaron's "security blanket) and said to Aaron, "OK, Aaron now you say 'Thank you,' and I will say 'You're welcome'."

Then during dinner I served perogies. Peter took his first bite and gave me a confused look.

"Is there peanut butter in there, Mommy?"

"No, Peter there are mashed potatoes inside."

"Wow, that is really smart, Mommy"

His other big thing right now is figuring out the difference between boys and girls.

I have been embarrassed by this on more than one occasion, because instead of asking if the person is a boy or a girl, Peter asks me, "Does he have a Pee Pee, Mommy?"

There have also been occasions where is tells people that he learned are girls that, "You got no pee pee in there!" (while pointing at their pants.)