Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Tuesday Top Ten - Things I Love That Are NOT My Children

Being a mom of three (or two, or one for that matter) it is hard not to lose your identity and just become wrapped up in your kids. People don't make it easier either! 90% of people who do not know me well enough to know I have other things going on other than my kids ONLY ask about my kids. Well guess what people, I have more than just my kids! I had a life before kids, and I try my hardest to keep up with it as a mother.

So here you go, the Top Ten Things I Love That Are NOT My Children.

1. Washington Capitals Hockey - (you are shocked, right?) Instead of me retyping all about my love for the Caps, just go read this blog.

2. My husband - Obvious I know, but without being too cheesy, I literally found the absolute most perfect person to spend my life with. Brett lets me get away with being a little crazy at times, while also keeping me grounded. He fully supports me staying home to raising our family, and is a wonderful father. We have the exact same corny sense of humor, and he isn't bad to look at either. I should write a top ten about how awesome he is.

3. My yearly road trips - I have 3 trips that I make every year that I am absolutely obsessed with. The first is my annual trip to the Hershey Spa with my Aunt Marilyn, cousin Shellie, and friend Sun in the winter. Second is our time share at Massanutten Ski Resort the week of President's Day. Third is our trip to Syracuse for the New York State fair and my Uncle Jim's bonfire. I look forward to these trips all year because they are relaxing, and have become such tradition.

4. Working Out - It doesn't matter if I am running, biking, swimming, weight lifting, or taking a class at the gym, working out it a huge part of my life. Staying active and working on keeping my body healthy will always be a priority in my life, no matter how busy I get.

5. Working - A lot of people don't know that I work, but I do. From home, for about 2-5 hours a week, I work for and interior decorating firm Graham Designs as an Administrative Assistant. Most of my work is invoicing, maintaining the website, and paperwork; but I still like making a little money for the family and continuing to use my brain. Plus it is great to have on the resume in case I ever want to go back to a "real" job again.

6. Crafting - I love nothing more than to craft. Whether it is scrapbooking, making decor for our walls, painting, or most recently making hair bows for Campbell. It is very calming for me after a day with the kids, and a fun way to make personal gifts.

7. Cooking - My grandmother loved to make fried food, my grandfather loved to bake, my mom loves making chilies and stews, and my father cooked a mean breakfast or anything on the grill... I love it all! Which is good seeing as we can't afford to eat out much!

8. My Friends - I had people tell me that when I became a parent, I would lose all my single friends. Well I must have lucked out, because here we are three years later and we are still close friends with the people we were close to before kids. Our friends are generous, understanding of our busy schedules and very fun! I do not know what I would do with out them!

9. Music - I inherited a very eclectic taste in music from my father. Brett and I have a CD collection of over 800 albums that range from all genres and time periods. We LOVE seeing live music and make it a huge part of our every day lives.

10. Games - I will play anything (although the less coordination needed the better) Cards, mini golf, Fantasy Football, bowling, dominos; you name it I'll play.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Ask a Stupid Question, Get a Stupid Answer

This morning Peter and Aaron were playing with something that I didn't want them touching.

Me - Peter and Aaron, please stop playing with that... Excuse me, Mommy is talking, I asked you to stop playing with that!... PETER! AARON! STOP!

Finally they stopped and looked at me.

Me - Can you please explain to me why I have to constantly repeat myself before you two do as I ask?

Peter - Because we are always not listening to you, Mom!

X Rated Carrots

The other night at dinner, Peter handed me this carrot, telling me, "Mom, I can't eat this carrot, it has boobies!"

After looking at it I could see what he was talking about, although I probably would not have drawn that conclusion on my own.

Then this evening, I had some girl friends over for a little pot luck dinner and look what we found in a totally separate bag of carrots:

There is no way I am letting Peter see that one! I don't even want to know what he would have to say about it.

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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Gardner Campbell

I realize that my daughter has both a last name and a boy's name as her first name, but I never thought I would have the following conversations with confused individuals.

I got a call from my doctor's office the other day and literally felt like someone was playing a joke on me.

Me - Hello

Nurse - Hi, Gardner Campbell please?

Me - I think you are referring to my daughter, but she is an infant so she isn't really talking yet. Can I help you?

Nurse - Yes, hello, Mrs. Campbell...

Me - That isn't our last name.

Nurse - Oh, I'm sorry do you go by a different last name than your daughter?

Me - No, our last name is Gardner - her FIRST name is Campbell.

Nurse - Oh, ok, I wasn't sure what the first name was.

I guess looking at the 100 pieces of paper work I filled out for the doctor's office where I wrote "Campbell" under the first name section was too much work for her. Not to mention, who names there daughter "Gardner?"

Then yesterday, we went into the doctor's office for Campbell's 2 month check up and as I was signing in the woman at the front desk was equally confused.

Me - I am here for my daughter's 2 month check up.

Receptionist - Name please?

Me - Campbell Gardner

Receptionist - Not finding it, is that hyphenated or with a space between the two last names?

Me - First name Campbell, last name Gardner.

Receptionist - Oh, ok... and its a girl???

Since both incidents happened with my doctor's office, I have to question the intelligence level of the people they are hiring there. But I do love our doctor (when we see the doctor I like, Dr. Kelly).

For those people interested in Campbell's stats from the appointment here you go:

Height - 23 inches - 56th percentile
Weight - 11.5 pounds - 51th percentile
Head Size - 15.5 inches - 51th percentile
Cuteness Scale - 100th percentile (seriously the doctor said she had a perfect head, so that is what I took from her comment)

Also, a little side note - Peter had to get a shot yesterday and DID NOT CRY... I was so impressed. He is such a big boy now, it astounds me!

Tuesday Top Ten - Top Ten Lists

I was recently at a party and over heard the hostess point me out to a friend and say, "Jill has a blog about parenting in Northern Virginia, with little tips about how to raise your kids and the best places to take them in the DC Metro."

My first thought was "this person does NOT actually read my blog!" - Followed by "maybe I could put more stuff like that on my blog, since I do have a lot of readers who are local mothers."

Well that was about four months ago, but last week I had a chance to catch up on my blog a little and was trying to think of a way that would force me to blog on a more regular basis. So here is what I came up with:

Tuesday Top Ten Lists - Each week I will post a Top Ten of recommendations, or things I enjoy or observe in life. They may or may not be mildly comical; but don't expect me to be Dave Letterman.

For my first Top Ten list, here is a list of Top Tens that I have been thinking about writing - My Top Ten, Top Ten:

1. Things I have learned as a parent
2. Annoying things people say to me when I am out with my kids
3. Things I do differently as a mother to baby #3 or Advise I would give to myself if I could go back
4. Things I love about MOMS Club
5. Things I love that are not my kids
6. Things I dislike about being a mom of three
7. Favorite baby products
8. Favorite kid TV shows
9. Funniest things my kids have said
10. Things I love about being a mom of three

See you next week!

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Monday, October 3, 2011

Home Schooling

I have always told Peter that when he is potty trained he could go to preschool. Last week, he called me on it.

Peter - Mom, I am a big boy now so I get to go to preschool now, right?

Me - Sure, Peter, we can look into it.

Peter - But, how can Aaron go with me if he isn't potty trained?

Me - Well, Aaron, Campbell and I would leave you there and go do something else. You would stay with a teacher and other kids and play.

Peter - OH... well, maybe I will be brave enough when I am 5.

So I decided to start "home schooling" him for preschool - this is for a few reasons. First of all, he flat out said he didn't want to go to preschool, which was sort of good because Brett and I didn't have to rework our budget. Second, Peter shows so many signs of wanting to learn and it is probably good for him to get a little special one-on-one mommy time while the "little kids" are napping. And lastly, I am considering home schooling him for Kindergarten next year (my reasons are extensive, so I will leave it at that for now).

Peter LOVES his "preschool homework" and spending time with me each day, but Brett (who is not as on board with the home schooling for kindergarten) has his doubts. Doubts which were revealed today when Brett got home from work and Peter and Aaron started dancing around him and singing:

"Trick-or-treat, smell my feet, give me something good to eat! If you don't, I don't care, I'll pull down your underwear!" Followed by hysterical laughter.

Brett - Who taught you what song???

Peter - MOMMY!

Brett - I see the home schooling is going GREAT!