Friday, August 27, 2010

Best Brothers

As I was typing my last blog, the boys were watching their morning 1/2 hour of TV (Dinosaur Train).

In the show they were talking about the difference between friends and siblings.

Peter looked at Aaron and said, "Aaron, your my best brother AND my best friend." Then he put his arm around Aaron and said, "I love you Aaron."

Aaron set his head on Peter's shoulder and replied, "I love you Peter."

(photo from our latest beach vacation)

Playing Sleepover

My favorite part about having two talking toddlers (preschoolers?) is their imagination. Those two boys need very little to entertain themselves and can play for hours together making up new games.

One of their newest games sort of started a week ago when Aaron was sitting in a box and Peter kept bringing him toys.

The game has changed in that there is no longer a box involved and now they named it "sleepover." The first thing they do in "Sleepover" is have one of them lay down on the couch and the other covers him with a blanket.

Then they proceed to cover the blanketed brother with all the toys in the room, so they can have a "Sleepover."

Once completely covered, Aaron likes to add a little flair to the game by bursting out of the blanket and yelling, "BUST OUT!"

Then both boys belly laugh for a few minutes (repeating "Bust out") and then do it all over again.

And now you know what a morning in the Gardner house looks like :)

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Observations by Peter at the Pool

We went to the pool this afternoon, and WOW - it has gotten cold! Sad evidence that summer is coming to an end.

Peter jumped in and was noticeably shocked by the icy water.

Brett laughed and asked, "Hey Peter, is the pool warm or cold?"

Without missing a beat, Peter responded, "It is great dad; if I was a PENGUIN!"

Brett and I could not control the laughter.

Then Peter swims over to the ladder to get out and sees the "3" on the side of the pool marking how deep the water was.

"Look mother, the pool is 3 years old just like me!"

Dinosaur Eggs

We tried to go to the pool today, but it was closed due to a lack of lifeguard. We were bummed, but there is a playground near by so we just made a change in our plans.

The kids played on the swings for a little while but soon wanted to go explore and play their favorite new game - "creature adventures"

In this game you really see their little imaginations at work. They walk around the trees pointing to "monkeys," "owls," and "snakes."

Today while they were hunting for animals, Peter made a discovery - dinosaur eggs!

Peter - Mommy, Aaron, come quick. I found a nest with baby dinosaurs.

Aaron - Baby dinosaurs!?!?! Yaaaaaay!

Peter - See, Mommy (pointing to a pile of rocks).

Me - They look like rocks Peter, are they going to hatch.

Peter - No silly. They are FOSSILS. I think they were stegosaurus eggs The water went into the eggs and turned them onto rocks. Now we can take them to the museum for friends to look at.

When did my kids become smarter than me?

A new blog...

I started a new blog this morning.

It will have stories about our family, but is more focused on the things I wish I could tell my father.

Please read, follow, enjoy... it is my heart and soul.

The URL is "Peteydinker's Girl" - same as the tattoo I got in memory of my father, and a title that will forever define who I am.

Thursday, August 12, 2010


Here is the scene this morning:

Aaron is sitting in a box in our foyer, Peter is running from the living room to the box bringing Aaron dinosaur toys:

Peter - Here Aaron, you want this one.

Aaron - Yeah, sure Peter.

Peter - OK, here you go.

Aaron - Yeah.

Peter - OK Aaron now you say thank you.

Aaron - Thank you Peter.

Peter - You're welcome Aaron.

Peter runs to me.

Peter - Mommy, I shared a dinosaur with Aaron.

Repeat over and over and over.

If only they always wanted to be this polite and share. I will appreciate it while it lasts :)