Friday, March 28, 2008

Sometimes I wonder about Brett...

Like this afternoon when he sent me this link and said "I am so excited that there is stuff like this out there."

Since we are (probably) having a girl I guess he feels like he needs to get in touch with his feminine side ;)

Its a GIRL... we think?

This morning we had our 18 week appointment for the new baby and had our fingers crossed that we would get some news on the sex of the baby. Peter was not shy at all and had showed us right away that he was a boy so we were hopeful that it would be as easy to tell on this one. Not so much.

After a lot of maneuvering and searching between the baby's legs we were able to get a "well, it looks like a girl... but I cannot see as much as I would like to in order to give you a definitive answer."

So, we are waiting again. Our level II sonogram is scheduled for April 22nd, so we will know for sure by then!

If it is really a girl we are both excited - I am already planning out the next PINK room in the house (I have managed to get 2 already), and Brett is dying for a "daddy's little girl."

The best news, however, is that the baby is very healthy. Good heart beat, all 4 limbs are formed, and I am starting to feel it moving inside!

More news to come in 4 weeks!

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

When Abbott and Costello search for jobs online

A few weeks ago I resigned from my 30-40 hour a week property management job to spend more time with Peter and focus more on our growing family. After Brett and I looked over all of our finances we found that his income covers all bills, mortgage, and what we want to put in savings each month. That left the responsibility of earning enough for food and entertainment on me. Which means that I am now looking for a new way to bring in a little money.

I already have one part time job (which I have had since October), where I work as an assistant to an interior decorator creating her sample books and client books. This job is perfect because I do it completely on my own time, however she only has about 40 hours per month for me.

So, we decided that the best way for me to make money was to find something very part time on the computer OR (for a more conducive situation while raising my kids) - providing day care in my home. Both options are being researched daily on the job sites, and I have gotten tons of interest (yay) - but last night's conversation when Brett got home was just ridiculous.

Me - I am shocked at how little some people want to pay someone to watch their kids, and/or help with computer work, etc.

Brett - Well, you are on Craig's List - try the Washington Post

Me - OK, I found some "work from home part time" listings - There are a bunch for DBA. Doesn't that mean "Doing Business As" - Like Jillian Gardner DBA Super Mom

Brett - I think they mean Database Administrator

Me (thinking that his description means data entry) - I know how to use a database

Brett - Yeah, well they are looking for a skilled professional that can work from home

Me - Yeah? Isn't that me?

Brett - True... but I meant skilled in ADMINISTERING a database

Me - Oh, OK then how about a school bus driver - the ad says you can bring your infant or preschool age child with you! Plus they have benefits.

Brett - Honestly, I think your CRV is a little big for you to be driving.

Me - Fine, I am going back to Craig's List, there were a lot more options on there. (Sarcastically) Do you think I should check the Adult Section?

Brett - Of course, that is probably why the pay was so low for the other jobs you were looking at. It was for kids!

At that point we stopped searching because we couldn't stop laughing and we were going out to dinner, but the nonsense continued this morning while we were talking online. Peter started banging on the key board...

Peter - 4378bjyhfsadwe/iloy

Me - Sorry, that was Peter

Brett - Looks like Peter is ready to do data entry

Me - Peter Lincoln DBA Cute Baby

In all seriousness, if you know anyone looking for some help with day care let me know!

Monday, March 24, 2008

Vacation wrap up... a month late ;)

It took a month to get this posted, but here is the highlights from our 2008 "ski" trip to Massanutten (there wasn't really much skiing at all).

We invited our small group, Matt and Andy Spray and Tony and Heather Witherspoon (plus daughter Morgan), to share the week with us this year; and had the best time!

Our fondest memories include:

*Peter's first time at a swimming pool

*Sleeping in as much as 2 babies allow

*Long girls vs. boys games of "Who Wants to be a Millionaire" (Tony will claim that he won a million during one of the games, Heather and I still swear that this is a lie)

*Celebrating Matt's birthday (is he old enough to drink yet)?

*Staying in our pajamas all day long

*Learning how to make Shepards Pie

*Many walks in the mountians

*Getting lost on our way to the super market and finding the best view on the mountian (now deemed the make out spot)

*Eating way too much all day long

*Peter and Morgan sort of playing together (we cannot wait until they are a little older and REALLY play together)

*Brett pronouncing the word lamee as LAME

*Tony and my addictions to Puzzle Quest on the DS

*Cousins Gannon, Wanda, Madison, and Sienna coming to visit for dinner

*Afternoon naps

*Making it through 10 holes of mini golf before giving up because it was too cold

*Jucizzi tub for 2

*Getting to know our newest friends even better

*Brett and Tony braving the black diamonds on their snow boards

...and lots more!

Next vacation is coming up in 2 weeks!!! This time we will head to Florida to witness our friends Lauren and Rob get married and spend a few days with my cousins Patti, Tim, and Grey Leonard!

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Friday, March 21, 2008

Why you shouldn't feed your baby while eating...

Because dipping your cracker into his oatmeal instead of your hummus is a taste you will not soon forget.

How does he eat this stuff everyday???

The MammoGLAM Mamas Need Your Help!!!

As most of you know, my walking team (lead by Leigh Robinson) the Mammoglam Mamas, have committed to walking FOURTY MILES IN TWO DAYS during the Washington, DC area Avon Foundation Walk for Breast Cancer, May 4-5. What you may not know is that for each member of our team to walk, we must raise $1,800 (let me say it again - EACH person needs to raise $1800)!!!

My family and friends have almost doubled that amount for me with all their generous donations, but if my team doesn't earn their share I am going to be walking alone!!!

If you are one of the people who has been wanting to donate to me, but hasn't gotten around to it, now is your big chance!!! Please click on the name of one of my team members below, and help our team by donating directly to their websites!

Meghan McCluskey

Jessica Meyers

Gwen Smith

Heather Witherspoon

When making your donation, please check to make sure that the person you are donating to has not already reached their $1800 goal! If they have, please donate to another team member!

Thank you so much for all of your support and help with this effort in advance!

Thursday, March 20, 2008

A Peterrific Update

It has been a while since we blogged about Peter's growth and development, but that doesn't mean nothing is happening!

His first two bottom teeth are in and are a very cute addition to our favorite smile. His height has pretty much evened out from the 90th percentile that he was born at to about the 40th percentile now. This isn't really shocking since Brett and I are both about 5 foot 7. Weight wise he is still a little string bean and hasn't broken 15 pounds yet, however when I carry him up and down our stairs I wonder sometimes. In the past 2 weeks he has gone to eating 3 "solid" (thought I don't know how you can call baby food "solid") meals a day; so maybe we will get a little baby fat soon!

We also now have a very mobile child, though he isn't crawling, he manages to get where he wants to be with scooting and rolling. Peter enjoys this new freedom, but it is also frustrating and sometimes painful for him. On more than one occasion he has scooted himself into our entertainment center, or rolled under something he could get himself out from under.

He is also talking more now! We have had tons of "mamas" a couple "dadas" (though they aren't really directed at Brett yet, and he will mimic words like "all done" and "OK" when we say them. Mostly, it is just a lot of noise right now, but his doctor says he is the earliest talker she has ever seen and that he is going to be very verbal (go figure).

Other than that, he is on a great schedule, sleeping through the night from 8:30pm to 8:30am, and taking naps from 1100am to 1:00pm and 3:00pm to 5:00pm - although it feels like every time I get him on a great schedule everything changes, so I am not holding my breath!

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

One Down, a Lifetime to Go!

Last night, Brett and I celebrated our first wedding anniversary! Based on everything we have been through and accomplished it feels like it should have been number five.

To wrap up the year:

March 17, 2007 - Our wedding! We gathered almost 200 of our closest friends and family to celebrate our nuptials at the Grand Atrium in Vienna, VA. Two days later we left for our road trip honeymoon across Pennsylvania, New York, New Jersey, Delaware, and Maryland; wrapping up with a concert for one of our favorite artists, Butch Walker, at the 9:30 club.

April - We were back to work, and I decided it was time to change careers and find something that would be more suitable for when the baby came. In addition, we started looking for a church to call home, and found Westmoreland Community Church (now part of New Life Christian Church).

May - We got a group of friends together for Gold Cup, the annual steeple chases in the area. I officially switched jobs, beginning her new career in Real Estate with Re/Max Allegiance. We also traveled to State College to see Katelyn graduate from Penn State; and to Tunkhannock, PA for the first of many baby showers.

June - Was a bitter sweet month, as the one year anniversary of my father's passing. However, we did a lot of celebrating as well; with a graduation party for Katelyn and a small get together for her 22nd birthday. In addition we attended my mother's company picnic and won several ribbons for our field day game wins!

July - We celebrated my 25th birthday with dinner out with friends; as well as being treated to a couples shower by our church.

August - Peter Lincoln Gardner was born on August 14, 2008 by emergency C-section. After a six day stay in the hospital we head home to start adjusting to life as parents. Our best friend's Troy and Alex also got engaged this month!

September - Was honestly a sleepless blur... Brett, however, did change positions at his company. Moving from the marketing department into Product Management.

October - We had the honor of throwing Alex and Troy an engagement party and the following morning they participated in Peter's dedication at our church, as Peter's God Parents. We also celebrated Brett's birthday by sending all the guys on a paint ball outing during the day and having a game night back at our house that evening. We also got a night off from parenting when our friends Sarah Merrill and Alana West babysat so we could go see Maroon 5 in concert. We wrapped up the month at a Halloween party, hosted by friends, Josh and Sarah Burnett!

November - We made our first trip down to Atlanta to visit Brett's brother Don and his wife Jen. We celebrated an early Thanksgiving with them and got to see their beautiful home and cute town! Next stop was Tunkhannock, PA for the big BeVard Thanksgiving. Last, we celebrated Thanksgiving one last time at our house with my mom, sister, and her new boyfriend Rich. We also started attending a "small group" lead by the Matt and Andy Spray, and hosted by Heather and Tony Witherspoon. This group is focused on growing marriage through God.

December - Big news for the holiday - we found out we were pregnant again (this is becoming a tradition for us in December). New baby meant we needed to find a new house! We went out looking for homes on December 15 and 16, wrote a contract on the 17th, and closed on the 27th. Then, by some act of God (and my obsessiveness) we managed to renovate the basement, buy all new furniture, and be moved in enough to have a New Years Eve party! Somewhere in the middle of all of that we also celebrated Christmas with the Gardner and BeVard families!

January - Morning (well all day really) sickness, and the rest of our move consumed us! The good news was that Peter had gotten on a great schedule of sleeping 12 hours a night with two 2 hour naps during the day.

February - We were finally completely moved in, and our house started looking like home. For Valentines Day we went to the DC Improve to see one of our favorite comedians, Christian Finnagan. We also took our annual trip to ski at Massanutten, and invited friends, the Witherspoons and the Sprays to join us. It was the most wonderful 6 days of relaxing, swimming, playing games, and eating that I think we have ever had!

March - I quit my full time property management job to focus on Peter and the new job of maintaining a 3 level house. I am now only working part time, as an assistant to an interior decorator.

Last night for our first anniversary we went back to 2 Quail, a restaurant by the Hill in DC. This was the same restaurant we went to for our first Valentine's day together, and we even got to sit at the same table! Brett surprised me with a beautiful Bean bracelet from Tiffany.

Thank you to all of you who have been so supportive through our first year! It has been a busy one, and we really appreciate your love and understanding as we make so many transitions in our lives.

Monday, March 17, 2008

Bridal Shower for Bubbie!

Yesterday afternoon, I had the honor of throwing my best friend, Alex, her wedding shower. The shower was held at Tallula Restaurant in Arlington, and the theme for the decorations were calla lilies, Alex's favorite flower. With the help of the both the bride's and groom's mothers, friend, Sarah Merrill, and the other bridesmaids, Danielle and Sandy, everything went on without a hitch!

I got to meet a few of her soon to be family, and see some of our friends that we haven't seen in a while; as well as poke some fun during the games porton of the afternoon. The funniest part was seeing Alex with a mouth full of gum after answering questions wrong about her soon to be hubby!

We are now just 2 months away from Alex and Troy's big day, and I am really excited about all the other upcoming celebrations.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Jumping for Grey Leonerd

Big shout out for our cousin Grey who is raising funds to support the American Heart Association during the JUMP ROPE FOR HEART event at his school.

After losing my father to a heart attack 2 years ago this cause has been very close to our family, and we are proud of little Grey's efforts. If you would like to donate to his fund raising page click here!

Good Luck Grey!

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Back on her game!

Just wanted to give an e-round of applause to my sister, Katelyn for her domination this past weekend on the tennis court!

After a year of surgery, and physical therapy on her torn ACL, she is back to her old self - kicking butt and taking names!

This past weekend she played at the #1 spot for both doubles and singles, and beat her opponents; leading the Penn State girls tennis team to their third straight victory!

Unfortunately, we were unable to see the match in person; but we hope to make a trip to Happy Valley soon to cheer on another WIN.

For more about her weekend matches read the Penn State Woman's Tennis news.