Monday, November 23, 2009


Every since the boys were able to hold their heads up, I have bounced them on my knees/given them airplane rides on my feet.

Without realizing it I started making a noise that sounds something like, "Boop-a-dee Boop-a-dee Boop Boop Boop Boopie Boopie Boop Boop Boop."

I didn't realize it until Peter came up to me one day asking me to do "Poopies" for him.

Thankfully, he promptly climbed onto my legs after requesting, so the request was easily understood.

Since then we have explained that he needs to ask for Boopies - with a B.

This past summer my cousin Sam took a video of this game:

The horse named cow

Last year for Christmas my mom gave Peter a toy rocking horse that made "neigh" and "clopping" sounds and moved its head. Peter was terrified of it, but Aaron always loved it.

Peter has since come around to the horse, which now lives in Aaron's room. Recently we asked the boys what the horse's name was and Peter announced that he was called "cow"!

I get the feeling that Aaron was the one who made up the name:

Thursday, November 5, 2009


Peter and I were working on colors this morning:

Me: what color is McQueen?

Peter: red

Me: right! What color is Chick Hicks?

Peter: green

Me: right! What color is Sally?

Peter: blue

Me: right! What color is Doc?

Peter: blue

Me: right! What color is Ramone?

Peter: purple

Me: right! What color is the King?

Peter: blue

Me: ok, last one from the Cars movie - what color is Luigi?

Peter: yellow

Me: right! Now, something different - what color is daddy?

Peter: black?

Maybe, like Steven Colbert, Peter doesn't see color.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

My little back breaker

Ever since Aaron was starting to smile, roll and sit up on his own we thought he was very advanced. He seemed like a very focused and fast learning child, so we naturally thought he would be walking before his first birthday (Peter, who isn't focused on anything for more than 10 seconds walked at 13 months).

Aaron's first birthday has come and gone. He is now a 23 pound 15 + month old baby who is breaking my back.

He has however started talking. He says "Mommy" "Daddy" "Please" "Juice" "Up" "Ball" "Duck" and more, including a variety of animal noises (including panting like a dog, which is too cute - must get that on video!)

Anyway, tonight (I am at work), Brett texted me the following: "I swear, Aaron just said "Juice Please Daddy!"

Although I was very excited to hear Aaron had his first sentence, this was my reponce: "Yeah, but did he walk over to ask?"

Fingers crossed that he has it down by Thanksgiving!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Dream a little dream

This morning as I finished drying my hair I heard Peter call over the monitor, "wake up mommy!" (he was taught to say "I am awake mommy" when he is ready to get up, but he had a new variation today).

I went to get him up and we had the following conversation about his dream last night:

Me: good morning Peter, did you sleep well last night?

Peter: yeah, I have dream.

Me: really? What did you dream about?

Peter: monkeys

Me: where were the monkeys?

Peter: in the bed!

Me: what!?! What were monkeys doing in your bed?

Peter: monkeys sing a song, mommy.

Me: really, how did the song go?

Peter: la la la la la

Me: wow, that is a great song Peter.

Peter: Peter sang a sing too mommy.

Me: oh yeah, how did Peter's song go.

Peter: la la la la la

Me: oh Peter sang the monkey song?

Peter: no mommy, Peter sang a different song. Like this la la la la la

Me: sounds like the monkey song to me.

Peter: no mommy. La la la la la

Me: whatever you say silly pants

Peter: you wear silly pants mommy. LA LA LA LA LA, right mommy?

I realize this story would have been cuter if I had it on video, but just wanted to give you a taste of life with my talking two year old.

Monday, November 2, 2009

Scroll please!

While I am attempting to catch up on my blog postings please scroll down the whole page, as some might pop up below since I worked on them at an earlier date.

Aaron still isn't walking (for those waiting on that announcement) - but he is teasing us with his skills every day.

Peter is a terrible trick-or-treater - more on that to come.

Brett and I are tired as always and trying to piece together a normal life between my 3 part time jobs, his full time job, the kids and the dog. We are looking forward to the week of Thanksgiving when we will be visiting with lots of family and taking trips to Atlanta, GA and Tunkhannock, PA.

Love you all!