Saturday, December 12, 2009

A "little something"

Last night Brett and I drove the kids and my mother up to Glen Burnie, MD to celebrate my God Mother, Patsy's 50th birthday. It was in the banquet hall of a church and was decked out with a buffet, dj, and dance floor (more to come on the even in a future blog).

We arrived about 20 minutes before the guest of honor, and spend our time running after the kids on the dance floor and catching up with guests that we knew.

About 2 hours into the night (after I had gone through the buffet line, danced with my kids several times, and spoken with many people), a woman comes up to me in the restroom and whispers that there is "a little something" on the back of my skirt.

I turned my skirt around to get a better look and see what I can only describe as my son's artistic expression in the form of finger painted dried yogurt ALL OVER the back of me.

This just tells you how hectic the house was as we were trying to get to the party that night.

I tried to clean myself up, but the skirt was not forgiving. Plus I figured that the whole party had already gotten a good look so I gave up and went back to the party realizing that I have lost the ability to look cool and be a mom.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Elmo's World

Peter and Aaron love all things Elmo.

Everyday at 12:41pm at our house Elmo's World comes on and both boys sing along to, "La La La La, La La La La, Elmo's World"

And recently, they Peter has been singing it even when the TV isn't on:

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Cute on command

When we were trying to get Peter to go from his crib to a big boy bed we tried the "are you a big boy or a baby?" approach.

As usual, my 2 year old out smarted me and announced that, "goo goo gah gah, I'm a baby."

He now says this on a regular basis when we put him in his new crib (because we had to buy a new one to accomidate our 2 babies).

I tried to catch it on film, but he wouldn't do it on demand. However, his little giggle melts my heart, so I decided to share:

Thursday, December 3, 2009


Peter has learned a lot of words and become a very verbal two year old (people frequently think that he is a small 4 year old and are shocked when I tell them he turned 2 in August).

Even though I see Peter everyday and have conversations with him, I am still sometimes by how well he can form sentences and some of the concepts he knows. I am also getting to see so much of his personality; which is a very caring, very hard headed and very comical little boy.

Here is the latest thing he said that made me laugh:

We were driving one night and a police car with all blue lights drove past:

Peter: look mommy a blue ambulance.

Me: actually Peter that was a police car.

Peter: actually mommy it was a blue ambulance.

And another occasion:

We were stopped at a stop light next to a mansion.

Peter: look mommy, a big building.

Me: Oh, Peter, that is actually a big house.

Peter: No, mommy, it is actually a big building.

I stand corrected. And laughing.