Thursday, December 3, 2009


Peter has learned a lot of words and become a very verbal two year old (people frequently think that he is a small 4 year old and are shocked when I tell them he turned 2 in August).

Even though I see Peter everyday and have conversations with him, I am still sometimes by how well he can form sentences and some of the concepts he knows. I am also getting to see so much of his personality; which is a very caring, very hard headed and very comical little boy.

Here is the latest thing he said that made me laugh:

We were driving one night and a police car with all blue lights drove past:

Peter: look mommy a blue ambulance.

Me: actually Peter that was a police car.

Peter: actually mommy it was a blue ambulance.

And another occasion:

We were stopped at a stop light next to a mansion.

Peter: look mommy, a big building.

Me: Oh, Peter, that is actually a big house.

Peter: No, mommy, it is actually a big building.

I stand corrected. And laughing.