Thursday, January 31, 2008

Talkin' it up!

Peter has always been a very verble and "talkative" baby. He wants to communicate so much that when he is playing he will talk to himself the whole time, if he is "talking" and you don't understand what he wants he get visably frustrated, and he already makes real "word sounding" sounds!

His sounds are so much like words that we have actually argued about whether he has actually said his first word yet. This is because he will say MA MA MA MA MA over and over. Of course I think this is definately his first word, while Brett (jealous that Peter doesn't say anything close to DA DA) says he is just making noise, but doesn't understand what he is saying.

Yesterday Peter proved MA MA right! A friend of mine was holding him when he was tired and a little cranky and he reached out for me and said clearly "MA MA." It was my proudest moment to date, and I cannot wait for more!

Of course Brett claims that this only happened because I walk around the house saying MA MA all day long, which may or may not be true.

Monday, January 28, 2008

Bombs Away!

One of Peter's favorite games is to play "airplane" on my feet. Other favorites include getting thrown in the air, the swing at the park and bouncing in his Johnny Jumper, so I am pretty sure we will see him at the X-games in 15-20 years.

During a recent game of airplane, however, things took a terrible turn when I looked away to grab my camera phone and was "bombed" by a puking baby. That is the last time we plan airplane after feeding time!


This is a 2 topic blog, but the title would remain the same for both posts so I am combining them.

Topic #1 - Who does Peter look like? There is a constant argument in our house as to who Peter looks more like. There is no question that he has Brett's blue eyes, but with that button nose and BeVard dimples, I think he looks just like a baby boy version of me! Just wait until he gets his teeth in and shows you the inevitable gap in his front teeth! Anyway this recent photo of Peter and I sick in bed is proof of how much we look alike.

Topic #2 - For those who don't know we are expecting AGAIN!!! Gardner baby #2 is due on August 25th (that's right 11 days after Peter's first birthday). Here is the scary part, when we had our sonogram the doctor told us we were having TWINS (stop having a heart attack right now, this is FALSE). After I nearly passed out, Dr. Armstrong (i.e. Dr. Hukstable) laughed and said he was kidding. Someone should tell him that pregnant woman are fragile!!!

Channeling your inner David Beckham

Ever since New Years Eve, I have been obsessed with giving P. Linc a Mohawk! I don't know what it is but we just think it suits him so well. I am sure than when he sees all his baby pictures as an adult he will be embarrassed, but for now he can't complain.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Out for the Count!

Seriously, what is it about me sitting down to write a blog that makes my son pass out!?!?!

One minute he is happily bouncing away, and the next minute, he is sound asleep. I guess jumping takes a lot of work when you are just a little guy!

New Life for Westmoreland Community Church!

Most of you know that Brett and I decided to join Westmoreland Community Church last year, shorty after our wedding. Westmoreland had a small congregation of the some of the nicest old people we had ever met! Saying that they are old is not to be rude, but lets face it we were the youngest couple by a good 20-30 years!

Anyway, in an effort to essentially pass on their legacy and keep the church alive the leaders of Westmoreland had begun a courtship with New Life Community Church in hopes that New Life would take over the operations and financial burden of the church, and in addition bring new members into the church from the community.

Well after several congregational meetings, we finally had our vote this Sunday after service. Though it was not completely unanimous, the vote did go through and we are now proud to be members of New Life Westmoreland (or whatever they end up calling it).

We are in awe of bravery that the older generation at Westmoreland had in making this decision and passing over their very traditional church to a more modern church who will take a different approach to worship.

We are so thankful for the work and the prayers of our friends, family and congregation that helped our church get to this point; and we are very excited for what the future holds!

The photo is all of the members who were a part of Sunday's vote.

Petey Jump-Up!

Every couple weeks I have been trying to get Peter to play in his Johnny Jump up. Sadly he is so skinny, that he has always flopped around and gotten annoyed with it. Today, however, the tides have finally turned! He got in and understood what the purpose was. I am happy to report that he has now been bouncing for the past 20 minutes ;)

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Getting into the swing of things

So we are 95% moved in (there are still a lot of odds and ends at the old house), but it is taking some getting used to! First of all we are going from a 1 level, 2 bedroom condo into a 3 level, 4 bedroom townhome. There is so much more space to take up now! I keep forgetting where things are, not to mention I have lost my husband a couple times (the basement is like a black hole - this may or may not have anything to do with the video games being in the basement)!

We are adjusting though, and 4544 Garbo Court is really starting to feel like home. Today Peter and I took our first walk to find the pool and investigate the neighborhood. We also found a great swing set, which we tried out and Peter is a BIG fan. I think we will be using this neighborhood feature a lot in the future!

Rockin in the New Year!

Well, we pulled it off. Some how we managed to close on the house on the 27th, renovate the basement (new paint, carpet, crown molding, and shoe molding), find and buy new furniture (ours would not fit down the basement stairs), and move in with enough time to throw our first party in the new house! It was beyond tight (the couches were delivered 3 hours before the party, but it was a great success!

The theme of the party was Rockin' In the New Year, and we asked that guests dressed in their best rocker gear. Most people opted for the rock stars that wear sweaters and jeans... I don't know Paul McCartney? But some (Troy, Alex, Mike Merrill, Tony, & Heather) were great sports and dressed for the occasion. Brett wore his Bret Michales mullet from Halloween and Peter and I dressed up like our Rock Bank characters with pink hair and everything! After seeing how cute Peter was with the pink mohalk I think he should wear one everyday!