Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Aaron's Favorite

This afternoon the whole family went on a walk together. Aaron wanted to play in some bushes and (shocker) ended up hurting himself. He screamed out for me, but since Brett was closer he picked him up.

Aaron - (still crying) - No. I said mommy!

Me - I'll take him, he likes me better (obviously joking, because Aaron used to be such a Daddy's boy)

Brett - Hey, that's not nice.

Me - Aaron, who is your favorite?

Aaron - Blue

Me - No who do you like, mommy or daddy?

Aaron - no, Peter is my favorite! Peter is the best boy ever.

First time ever that I didn't care at all about not being the favorite.

Side note - right after I decided to ask Peter:

Me - Who is your best girl?

Peter - You

Me - Who is your best boy?

Peter - ME!

That was a little too predictable.

Pick a Penny up All Day Long You'll Have Good Luck

This morning Aaron found a penny and brought it over to me.

Aaron - here mommy, I found this for you.

Me - thank you

He starts to walk away, then turns around.

Aaron - wait! Do NOT put that in your mouth!!! It is VERY dangerous!!

Me - ok, thanks for the warning

Aaron - but you can smell it if you want to. But NOT not the mouth!!!!!

Red Light, Green Light

The other morning, I stopped at a red light, looked left and made a legal right turn on red.

Aaron screamed from the back seat - NO MOMMY! Red means STOP! Go back and stop until you see a green light.

I explained turning laws and then asked the kids - What does a yellow light mean?

Peter & Aaron - Slow down!

Me - What about a green light?

Peter & Aaron - GO!

Me (being silly) - Purple light?

Aaron sat confused, Peter yelled out - DANCE! DANCE! DANCE!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Baby G3 at 15 Weeks and 2 Days

I had my 15 week baby appointment today. It was a spectacle to say the least.

First of all, while I was in the waiting room a former co-worker (who I had recommended see my doctor) came in for her appointment and saw me. She. Freaked. OUT. She was screaming, "Oh my gosh - JILLIAN! - You are the reason I go here!!!" Then she told everyone that worked there that I referred her (she isn't really a shy person, if you couldn't tell).

Next, the nurse called me out of the waiting room to get a urine sample. I went into the bathroom, peed (completely forgetting to get a sample), washed my hands and went back to the waiting room. Two minutes later the nurse came in looking confused and asked for my sample.

"Oh, oops... I did go to the bathroom, but I forgot to get a sample."

ENTIRE waiting room starts laughing, and many "welcome to pregnancy" and "baby stole her brain" comments start flying.

Lastly, my doctor walks into the waiting room to get me for my exam but instead of calling my name he says "Miss Popular, you're next" (I have refereed SEVERAL patients to him, so he assumes I am some sort of socialite). As I get up to head to the back he announces to the waiting room, "I mean it - she probably has a thousand friends on Facebook!"

Did my 60 year old doctor really just make a Facebook reference?!?!?

Anyway, on to the reason I was at the doctor - MY BABY!

Baby looks great. (S)he was being difficult so we saw a great profile for a second then it moved and this was the best picture we could get:

Baby had 2 arms, 2 legs, great heart beat and was moving like a crazy person. We also got our order to have a Level II sonogram in 4 weeks where we will find out the sex! I don't know anyone at that office, so hopefully it will be less eventful!

"Baby" Aaron

Aaron is my baby, just ask him!

He didn't walk until he was almost 17 months old (maybe because I was always holding him), and even when he is playing nicely he always "checks-in" with me every 10-15 minutes to get a kiss or a hug or just to generally make sure I am still there.

At 2 and a half years he is still pretty needy (he is actually snuggled up on my lap as I type).

Unlike his brother, Aaron could care less about becoming a big brother. He actually refuses to talk about the new baby.

Today, he came over to me, lifted up his shirt, pushed out his belly and said, "Look Mommy, its your belly!"

"That's right Aaron, there is a baby in my belly."

"No Mommy, I am the baby."

"You are a big boy now Aaron and when the baby comes out, you will be a big brother. Do you want to kiss my belly and send the baby your love?"

"No thank you! There is no baby in there. I AM YOUR BABY MOMMY!"

Someone is in for a rude awakening this summer... I think that someone might be me!