Wednesday, February 2, 2011

"Baby" Aaron

Aaron is my baby, just ask him!

He didn't walk until he was almost 17 months old (maybe because I was always holding him), and even when he is playing nicely he always "checks-in" with me every 10-15 minutes to get a kiss or a hug or just to generally make sure I am still there.

At 2 and a half years he is still pretty needy (he is actually snuggled up on my lap as I type).

Unlike his brother, Aaron could care less about becoming a big brother. He actually refuses to talk about the new baby.

Today, he came over to me, lifted up his shirt, pushed out his belly and said, "Look Mommy, its your belly!"

"That's right Aaron, there is a baby in my belly."

"No Mommy, I am the baby."

"You are a big boy now Aaron and when the baby comes out, you will be a big brother. Do you want to kiss my belly and send the baby your love?"

"No thank you! There is no baby in there. I AM YOUR BABY MOMMY!"

Someone is in for a rude awakening this summer... I think that someone might be me!

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