Monday, January 31, 2011

Using My Words Against Me

There are a lot of "Mom" phrases I use frequently with my boys. Three of the more popular lines are:

"That is not for boys" - when they are into something I don't want them in.

"Mommy doesn't listen to whining and crying" - when they are crying for no reason.

"If there is no blood, there are no tears" - when they have a minor fall or injury and try to milk it.

Within 20 minutes this morning all three of these lines were used on me.

During the boys breakfast I was in the kitchen cutting up onions for dinner tonight.

Peter - I am all done, can I get down please and play?

Me - Hold on, Mommy needs to wash off her hands and face, this onion is making me cry.

Peter - I thought you didn't like crying?

Me - I don't but onions have a strong smell that makes my eyes tear.

Peter - MOMMY! If there is no blood, there are no tears!!!

Me - (eye roll)

After I was finished in the kitchen I went into the living room to play with the boys. They were playing with their vast collection of "Silly Bands". I picked up one of them and put it on.

Me - These are cool, can Mommy wear some?

Peter - These are not for Mommies. They are for boys.

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