Sunday, January 9, 2011

Child Birth

When we told the kids about the baby that is coming this summer Aaron was not remotely interested, but Peter was intrigued. Ever since the questions have been coming like rapid fire.

He frequently wants to know how big the baby is, and has even asked me to open my mouth so he could look in and see the baby. He is very upset when this doesn't work.

He is also very interested in how the baby is going to get out of me. When he asked I countered him and asked what he thought. After much deliberation he said:

"I have a hypothesis, the baby is just a little bean right now, but if you keep feeding it the bean will grow into a baby and your belly will get REALLY big like Aunt Bubbs. Then when the baby is big enough he will climb up your ladder and out of your mouth."

As traumatic as child birth is, I think Peter's "hypothesis" seems more painful... but I have C-Sections so what do I know.

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Caroline said...

I'd be down with Peter's hypothesis as an alternative.