Friday, May 27, 2011

Do the Crime, Do the Time

Brett and I have a rule that if the boys get out of bed at night, they get their "pets" taken away for the night. This evening a little after bedtime we heard Peter out of his bed, so Brett went up to "regulate".

Brett - Peter, you got out of bed, so I am taking your monkeys.

Peter - (cue instant tears) NOOOOOOOOO

Brett - Peter, you know the rules. Get back in bed and you can have them tomorrow.

Peter - (continues throwing fit) But I NEEEEEEED my baby monkey!!

Aaron - Daddy, that is NOT NICE! Give Peter back his monkeys!

Brett - Aaron, Peter lost them because he got out of bed and so lost his privilege.

Aaron - Well, I'll count to 20 for time out and then you give them back. 1-2-3-4-5-20, you can give them back now, Daddy.

Nice try Aaron.

Whipped at the Tender Age of Three

The last few weeks my boys have become every-other-day nappers. This means that my free time is more limited (read - my house is messier), and we now have to find activities to do in the afternoon.

Thankfully, we aren't the only ones. A few of Peter's friends from my MOMS Club are also dropping their naps so we usually have someone to play with. One such friend is my friend Christy's daughter, Emy.

Emy and Peter play AMAZINGLY together. I rarely see them fight and they seem to be completely on the same page with the little fantasy games that they play together (usually Prince and Princess, or Mommy and Baby... where oddly Peter plays the role of Mommy).

This is great for Aaron, who prefers to play by himself most of the time, because Peter leaves him alone when Emy is around.

Until this afternoon.

A few of the kids from our morning playgroup stayed for lunch and to play in the sprinkler today. Playing in the sprinkler turned into everyone watering my flowers and playing in my little garden. That is when I heard Peter defending a girl for the first time.

Peter - AARON, NO!!! Do not put mud on MY princess!

I guess he hasn't learned the saying, "Bros before... princesses"

My Handsome Husband

Our night-time routine with the kids is about 90% Brett's job, while I am usually doing laundry or cleaning up from the day's activities.

This evening, Brett was saying good night to the boys while I was in the next room working on Campbell's nursery.

Brett - OK boys, it is time to say good night.

Aaron - I have to go potty again.

Brett - You just went.

Peter - I have to go too!

Brett - Alright, come on guys we will go sit on the potty again.

Me - Peter, tell your dad he is a sucker!

Peter - Dad, you're a sucker!

Brett - Peter, that isn't nice.

Peter - OK. Mom, dad says that isn't nice. How about we call him a looker?

Me - Well, he is that too!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

My Caps Kid

This afternoon Peter took off his jacket, which lead to his friend, Lucy, and he having a conversation about the shirt he was wearing:

Lucy - Wow Peter, your shirt has an eagle on it!

Peter - Yeah Lucy, this is a Caps Kids shirt. It is hockey. That is Slapshot the eagle.

Lucy - Oh, cool.

Peter - What sport is your family named for?

Lucy - What?

Peter - We are Caps Kids. I am the "P" for Peter. What are you? Soccer? Softball? Basketball?

Lucy - People aren't named after sports.


Clearly Peter doesn't understand that his family isn't "normal" yet.

Questions We Just Don't Have Answers For

Brett and I store our extra batteries in a drawer in the kids playroom - this was a decision we made BEFORE our children started opening drawers. But, they have learned not to open the drawer, so we have left them there (although with a new baby coming I might be rethinking).

However, today for whatever reason, Peter DID open the drawer and started to pick up some batteries when Brett stopped him.

Brett - Peter, we do NOT play with batteries.

Peter - Why? (A question I am beginning to HATE)

Brett - Because, Peter, batteries aren't toys.

Peter - Then why do so many toys need batteries?

Tuesday, May 17, 2011


Yesterday morning the boys and I dropped our dog, Rusty, off at the Pet Smart groomers to get his Spring shave. Later when we went to pick him up the following happened.

Me - (as I am opening the door to the groomer) Now boys, Rusty might look a little different with his hair cut, but he is the same dog.

Aaron - (seeing a big Husky as we walk in the door starts crying) NO, Rusty turned into another dog!

Everyone in the place starts laughing, and our groomer goes to the back room to get Rusty. During this time I calmed Aaron down, until he saw Rusty come out.

Aaron - He IS a new dog! I want my Rusty back.

me - No honey, his hair will grow back. Just like when Mommy cuts your hair.

Aaron - (grabbing his head in terror and completely forgetting about his concern for Rusty) I DON'T WANT A HAIR CUT!!! Mommy's buzzer is NOT nice!

In his defense I have given him a few bad haircuts.

Here is Rusty's adorable new haircut:

Is Peter Growing up in the 50s?

Yesterday I had a doctor's appointment, so my friend Kim told me she would watch the kids. In preparation, I explained to the kids where I was going and that they needed to listen to Miss Kim.

Me - While Mommy is at the Doctor, you will be at Miss Kim's house playing with Trey and Grant. In Miss Kim's house, Miss Kim is the boss so you need to listen to everything she tells you. Do you understand?

Peter - Yes. But what if Trey's Daddy is home, then he will be the boss?

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

I Need to Hire a Staff!

This morning I looked at the calendar for this summer, and realized that we have confirmed plans for the following:

July 19 - Deliver Campbell (I actually packed for the hospital today, which means she will NOT come early or unexpectedly - this is the first time I packed a bag for the hospital although it is my 3rd child)

July 23 - Released from hospital (based on when having a 5 day stay with Peter and Aaron, but hopefully we will be able to leave earlier)

July 30 - Aaron's 3rd Birthday Party

August 4-5 - Brett is in a wedding in Pittsburgh, PA

August 13 - Peter's 4th Birthday Party

August 19-21 - Trip to Raleigh to meet our soon-to-be niece or nephew

I sent out invites for Aaron's birthday today (early I know), am working on Peter's and have booked both hotels for the trips we are going on. Yet somehow I feel like I probably should hire a nanny, maid, dog walker, and chef for the summer. You know, with all of our extra income.

Not complaining though - I am very excited about all the events we have ahead of us, and I have tons of amazing friends and family who are always around to lend a hand so I am sure we will make due.

Either that or my house will look like a tornado hit it, but what else is new.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Decisions to Make

This morning, Peter came in my room to tell me that he was awake when I was doing the last thing I needed to do to get ready for the day - putting my earring on.

Peter - Good morning, Mom. The green light is on, so its wake up time.

Me - Great! Mommy is going to put her earrings on and then we can go pick out your clothes.

Peter - Mommy, why do only girls wear earrings?

Me - They don't, some boys wear earrings.

Peter - THEY DO!?!?!

Me - Sure, lots of boys wear earrings and you can too, but not until you are a grown up and decide if you want to.

Peter - Hhhhmmm... well I am going to be a fireman when I grow up. Do you remember if any of the fireman at the firehouse were wearing earrings?

Me - I don't remember, but we can look at their ears next time we go there.

Peter - OK, and ask them if it is OK for firemen to wear earrings. Then I will know if I get earrings.

SO, the next time we have a MOMS Club field to the Firehouse, it should be very interesting what my son asks during the question and answer portion of the program.

Monday, May 9, 2011

Baby Kicks

This afternoon Campbell (like usual) was kicking up a storm in my belly. So I called Peter over to feel his sister moving.

Me - Peter come quick, Campbell is kicking in my belly. You can feel her!

Peter - (runs over and puts his hands on my belly) WOW - I feel her, she is kicking a lot!

Me - I know, she must have just woken up.

Peter - Yeah. You know what Mommy? Babies are really really good at karate!