Wednesday, May 11, 2011

I Need to Hire a Staff!

This morning I looked at the calendar for this summer, and realized that we have confirmed plans for the following:

July 19 - Deliver Campbell (I actually packed for the hospital today, which means she will NOT come early or unexpectedly - this is the first time I packed a bag for the hospital although it is my 3rd child)

July 23 - Released from hospital (based on when having a 5 day stay with Peter and Aaron, but hopefully we will be able to leave earlier)

July 30 - Aaron's 3rd Birthday Party

August 4-5 - Brett is in a wedding in Pittsburgh, PA

August 13 - Peter's 4th Birthday Party

August 19-21 - Trip to Raleigh to meet our soon-to-be niece or nephew

I sent out invites for Aaron's birthday today (early I know), am working on Peter's and have booked both hotels for the trips we are going on. Yet somehow I feel like I probably should hire a nanny, maid, dog walker, and chef for the summer. You know, with all of our extra income.

Not complaining though - I am very excited about all the events we have ahead of us, and I have tons of amazing friends and family who are always around to lend a hand so I am sure we will make due.

Either that or my house will look like a tornado hit it, but what else is new.

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