Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Top Ten - Baby Items I Love

Here are my top ten absolute favorite baby inventions. These are the items that I would recommend every mom-to-be put on there registry and the first things I would go buy if my house burned down and I lost everything.

These aren't the more obvious, crib, pack-n-play, car seat, stroller, baby bottles (Dr. Browns are my favorite), diapers, etc. items, these are the things I wish someone told me about before I had a kid because only moms know about these things.

1. "Rain or Shine Kids" blanket - this blanket is pretty pricey (I lucked out and bought mine on; but it is my favorite on the go blanket. It is plush on one side (which Campbell loves rubbing on her face when she is tired); and water proof on the other side. You can tie it on to your stroller, car seat or chest carrier to keep baby warm and dry in any weather; or tie it together to use as a nursing cover. It is also great as a blanket to lay baby on the ground. I like is so much more than something like the Bundle Me which is less versatile because it is only used in the car seat and gets damp in the rain.

2. Moboleez Nursing Hat - Personally I am not a huge fan of nursing covers, and neither is Campbell. This is a great alternative. Hides everything that you want to keep private is a very inconspicuous way. Plus it is pretty cute too!

3. Nosefrida - The first time I saw a friend use this on her baby, I literally almost threw up. But, then she bought me one, and I have been hooked ever since. My kids NEVER have snot dripping of their noses, because when they are stuffy I use my Nosefrida which gets everything out of their nasal cavity, not just what is on the outside. It comes very highly recommended by my pediatrician as well.

4. Boon "Squirt" Feeding Spoon - This was something I used to feed Aaron on the go all the time, and will be using on Campbell soon. You fill the handle of the spoon with baby food and squirt it our onto the spoon to feed baby. A lot of baby food comes in pouches that you can attach a spoon to with the same idea in mind now a days (they didn't have that when I had Aaron). However, I make all my own baby food, so this is perfect to fill up and throw in a bag.

5. Snug & Tug Swaddle Blanket - we have tried lots of swaddle blankets, and my Houdini babies always seem to wiggle out of them, until I found these! I give them at least particle credit to how well Campbell sleeps at night!

6. Muslin Receiving Blankets - These light weight blankets are perfect for summer babies and babies who sweat a lot during sleep. I also use mine for a nursing cover, and a sun shade over my car seat or stroller in the sun.

7. Plastic Links - They might seem super simplistic and boring, but they are so versatile and a must for baby! My kids teethed on the them, learned colors with them, shook them to make sounds, worked on dexterity linking and un-linking them, and I have used them to hook toys onto strollers, car seats and high chairs so they don't lose their toys.

8. Bumkins Waterproof Bibs - I love these bibs! Peter and Aaron actually still use theirs. They are not your average baby bib to wipe drool away. These are heavy duty, food everywhere, toss in the dish washer bibs, that I also use as painting smocks!

9. Sili Squeeze - In all honesty, I have not tried this product out, but I plan to as soon as Campbell is old enough. Similar to the Boon Squirt Spoon, but it is for when kids are a little older and can squeeze/suck the food out of the bottle themselves.

10. Baby Bjorn Baby Carrier - I probably have a minimum of five different baby carriers, slings, backpacks, etc. But I always prefer my Bjorn. I love that baby can look out when they are old enough, I love how easy it is to put on and how quickly you can adjust the size. My second favorite (for when baby is a little older is the Playtex Hip Hammock in case you are wondering.

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