Monday, June 29, 2009

Potty Humor

The following conversation took place this morning when I went to get Peter out of bed.

Me - Good morning Peter!

Peter - Mommy! Poop? Poo poo yucky!

Me - Yes, it is. Do you have a poop? (picking him up and putting him on the changing table)

Peter - Where's the poo poo? (as I take off his PJs and diaper) There it is!

Me - Yes, it is.

Peter - Where is pee pee? (pointing) There it is!

Me - (trying not to laugh) Yes Peter, and where is your nose?

Peter - (momentarily distracted from the potty talk and pointing to nose) nose!

Me - Yay, good job (as I put his clean diaper on)

Peter - Bye bye pee pee!

And another day begins...

Friday, June 26, 2009

I love YOU!

We recently taught Peter the sign language for "I love you"

Now anytime we say "I..." he follows it up with " _____"

The _____ can be replaced with "You" "Mommy" "Rusty" "Daddy" "Sally" but usually he follows it up with "Aaron!"

The other day Brett and the boys were dropping me off at Curves to work and as I was saying good bye, Peter looked at me and said "Bye, Bye Mommy! I love Aaron!" (doing the signs and pointing to his brother).

So freaking sweet!!!

Another music lover?

We bought Peter his music table for his first birthday, and I have never felt like my money was so well spent. He STILL loves that table! And now, Aaron has found it and is just as fascinated:

More from the bath...

I don't think my kids like each other very much...

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Dog sitting Emma!

A few weeks ago we had the chance to watch our Emma again for a few days. Emma is Aaron's God Parent's dog, and a family favorite for all of us.

Whenever she is here the kids have a blast playing with her, and Emma gets GREAT exercise (we hear she sleeps for 2 days after she leaves)!

We got MANY videos of Peter and Emma; as you can see both parties get a lot of energy out!!!

Clap your hands!

Aaron has another new skill in his bag of tricks:

Finger Painting and other outdoor fun!

Now that the patio is complete, we are LIVING in the backyard!

This includes Peter getting to paint more often with his finger paints (which he hasn't gotten to use since Christmas because my carpets are already dirty enough).

Peter painted a couple pictures for his God Parent's home office (as they requested!), while Aaron played the piano and watched from his high chair.

Afterward I caught some videos of Peter running around, learning to count to 3 (though he wasn't really working with me), and entertaining us with his antics.


Latest home project - Back Patio!

When Brett and I bought our house there were MANY things that we knew we wanted to renovate SOON. The back patio was in the year 2 plan, and it is now complete!

When we first moved in the space was not properly used because there was a 3 foot flower bed around the entire fence taking away a lot of the small yard. Plus the stones had weeds growing between them, and it was a big muddy mess. We also had a large tree that took up a huge amount of space.

Our fix - get rid of EVERYTHING and utilize the entire yard by making a patio that goes all the way to the fence.

During the project, our back yard looked like a mud pit:

But soon, it was a paradise with three distinct areas.

Our custom storage shed and kid's area:

Adult sitting area (furniture that I bought at a yard sale, re-finished and got new cushions for):

And dining area with new picnic table:

We LOVE the patio and have been using it almost daily!

Little drummer boy

Short and sweet - Peter LOVES playing on Brett's drum set.

We caught a little on film - maybe he will follow in Daddy's foot steps one day!

Another boy on the move!

You may be wondering what I have been so busy with that makes me neglect my blog so much. This might answer your question:

And keep in mind that these videos were shot in May, so he is a lot faster now!

Katelyn's Good Bye Party

Before my sister Katelyn moved out to Utah last month, we had a little going away party for her. The night started out with dinner at Union Jacks, and then drinks at the bar.

Union Jacks was having a raffle that night for three chances to win a free vacation, so all of us signed up and anxiously waited to hear our numbers called. No one in our party won :(

There was a lot of catching up with old friends:

And a non competitive dance competition:

Not to mention many sister photos:

And brother-in-law photos:

It was a great time, although we were sad to be telling Katelyn "good bye"

When I got home I looked down and noticed that the "M" sticker was still on my new shirt.

As always, I am a class act!

Our "stand up" boy!

Aaron is developing with leaps and bounds, and reached new heights about 5 weeks ago when he started pulling himself up to stand!

Since he has been doing something new everyday (it seems) - so watch the blog for more!

Caps Vs. Pens - Game 7 (or why it sucks to be a Caps Fan)

Going into Game 7 of the Caps vs. Pens playoff series was scary, yet exciting for me. I have been a Caps fan long enough to know that the odds were set against us, but figured maybe this year we would FINALLY beat those stupid flightless birds and move on to the next round. Wishful thinking!

The first period started off with the arena pumping out Journey's "Don't Stop Believing" over the loud speaker, red-robed fans screaming and the Caps on fire, totally out playing the Penguins!

Until the first penalty was called and the Penguins scored a power play goal, which was quickly followed by another goal making the score 0-2. The energy COMPLETELY left the arena.

It seemed like the fans and the players were defeated already, and we never got our hopes back up. By the end of the second period "fans" were booing, leaving and turning their jersey's inside out and SEVERAL more goals were scored against the Caps.

As a lifetime fan, I am used to this type of game/disappointment so I kept cheering the whole time (much to the annoyance of many fans around us).

But in the end my spirit alone could not rejuvenate the team.

It was a very depressing ride home, and I caught a LOT of slack from my friends and family that cheer for the Penguins.

Hopefully next year we will have a better post-season (and some more LOYAL fans!)!

C-A-P-S Caps! Caps! Caps!

Mother's Day!

Since Father's Day just passed, I figure it is about time that I post about Mother's Day!

For mother's day I asked for two things -

1. I didn't want to cook.

2. I wanted Brett to take our bikes in to be tuned and have kid seats put on.

I got both of my wishes and MUCH more!

For lunch we decided to hit up a fancy little establishment called McDonalds! May not seem like the most "I love you, Mom" type restaurant, however there wasn't a crowd AND there is a play area, so I can eat in piece when Peter decides he is "all done" and wants to run around.

After lunch my mom and sister followed us back to our house so that they could babysit while Brett took me for an afternoon of shopping! Since I have been pregnant for 2 summers in a row, and was previously a size 2 (never happening again) I was going into the summer with hardly any clothes that fit and he wanted to remedy the situation.

We ended up finding some great deals, and enjoying an afternoon together (kid - free!) before heading to Handi (one of my favorite Indian Restaurants) to pick up take out for dinner.

Back at our house, my mom's friend Nora, had joined the party and we spend the evening eating good food and sharing gifts to celebrate motherhood!

It was a very fun and relaxing day and I felt so spoiled!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009


A few months ago, I decided that if I really wanted to step up my weight loss (down 25 pounds and 3 pants sizes now!), I would need to join a gym. The only problem with that was that gyms cost money, and Brett and I do our best to live on a pretty tight budget.

Solution? Get a job at a gym!

Problem #2? The economy sucks and NO ONE was hiring!

Then (after I sort of gave up hope), my sister dropped the "I am moving to Utah" bomb. This left an opening at the Curves gym that she was working at, which she told her boss I would be more than willing to take over.

Before leaving, my sister trained me on everything Curves and I started working out there (with my free employee membership) to familiarize myself with the equipment, people, and practices.

For the past month I have been working 1-3 shifts per week, and really love it! Not only can I work out during my shift, but I have met a bunch of great women and love getting a few hours to myself to make a little extra money for the family.

Any ladies who live in the area are welcome to come work out with me for FREE (we give away 10 day passes for anyone who wants to try it out). Here is my schedule for the next three weeks:

Tuesday, June 16 (TONIGHT) - 6:00pm-8:30pm
Thursday, June 18 - 6:00pm-8:30pm
Thursday, June 25 - 6:00pm-8:30pm
Sunday, July 5 - 3:00pm-6:00pm

The location is in McLean:

6629 Old Dominion Drive
Mc Lean, VA 22101

Hope to see you there, and I will keep my schedule posted on the blog for future interest!

Welcome Chloe Grace Witherspoon!

Last night I got a text from my friend, Andy saying "I just held Baby Chloe!"

This was news to me, because as far as I knew baby Chloe was still in the belly of our friend Heather!

A phone call 2 minutes later cleared the confusion, and I learned that Heather had gone into labor yesterday morning and delivered Chloe Grace Witherspoon on June 15th at 4:57pm. She was 7lbs 10oz and 19 inches long, and I hear she is already a big talker!

Chloe is the second daughter to Tony and Heather. Their first daughter, Morgan can be found in many pictures and videos with Peter for frequent blog readers, and she is delighted to be a big sister!

We look forward to meeting the newest member of the Spoon family!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Family Fun!

Back on May 9 we had one of our first really good weather days in the DC area, and Brett and I took full advantage of it.

After the kids were up, dressed and fed, we packed the family in the car and headed over to Mason District Park (in my opinion the nicest of the Annandale parks!).

When we first arrived, we decided to take the boys on a long walk around the park's trails, which appeared to be paved. However, less than a mile into the woods and the path became gravel and dirt and we found that even though "Jeep" makes our stroller, it is not good at off roading!

Next we headed to the playgroup area where Peter could play, while Aaron and I relaxed in the sun with some toys.

Before we knew it, the kids were hungry and it was time to head home.

After lunch and a 2 hour nap, we were all up and ready for more out door fun.

This time Brett and I decided to take the kids to Reston Town Center so that Peter could play in the fountain and we could get Iceberry - our newest frozen yogurt addiction!

Peter absolutely LOVES playing in these "spray parks" (as I have learned mom's call them), and was entertained for at least an hour.

Aaron on the other hand, is not the biggest fan of water (despite his nick name of "Fish"), but we are working on it.

Before heading back home we drove by my childhood home - the townhouse that my family owned before we built our house in McLean:

It was so nice to have a day just doing family stuff and even better, the kids were so pooped out that they fell asleep early and slept in the next day! Cannot wait for more out door summer fun.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

33 miles for Diabetes

This morning Brett and I signed up for the Tour de Cure, a 33 mile bike ride in support of Diabetes research!

You can visit our team page to join the "Dia-BEATERS" or go to the personal fund raising pages for Brett or Jillian to donate!

The ride will take place in less than 2 weeks - June 14th 2009 - in Reston, so we will be trying to get out and ride as much as possible between now and then!

We greatly appreciate any support friends and family can offer, be it funds, words of encouragement or cheerleaders on the day of the event!