Monday, June 29, 2009

Potty Humor

The following conversation took place this morning when I went to get Peter out of bed.

Me - Good morning Peter!

Peter - Mommy! Poop? Poo poo yucky!

Me - Yes, it is. Do you have a poop? (picking him up and putting him on the changing table)

Peter - Where's the poo poo? (as I take off his PJs and diaper) There it is!

Me - Yes, it is.

Peter - Where is pee pee? (pointing) There it is!

Me - (trying not to laugh) Yes Peter, and where is your nose?

Peter - (momentarily distracted from the potty talk and pointing to nose) nose!

Me - Yay, good job (as I put his clean diaper on)

Peter - Bye bye pee pee!

And another day begins...

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