Friday, February 27, 2009

This is why I need a video camera

Yesterday I was playing with Peter and asked him, "who here is cute?"

He looked at me with the most coy little face and said, "meeeow" in his best kitty voice.

I need a new camera before too many more cute moments are missed!!!

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

10 down, 35 to go!

At my weigh in this morning I reached a milestone... 159.5 pounds (or 10.5 lost)!!!

This is the first time that I have been under 160 in two years (since shortly after getting pregnant with Peter) so I am feeling very motivated. The only thing that sucks about losing the weight using the calorie counting app (lose it) on my phone is that with every pound I lose, it deducts 8 calories from my daily budget.

I am now down to 1,178 calories a day and although I haven't been feeling hungry I don't like watching that number drop as much as the one on the scale.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Perfect timing

One of Peter's latest words is "ow".

He knows you say it when you get hurt but he seems to also like to use the word as an attention-getter or as a preemptive when he is going to do something to inflict pain (like hit his brother).

He rarely uses it when he is actually hurt, though during a car ride the following took place as I was turned around entertaining him (Brett was driving).

Me - Peter, where is your nose?

Peter - (pointing to his mouth) nose!

Me - No, silly! This is your nose (pointing to his nose), and mommy is going to steal it (pinching his nose to retend to take it).

Peter - Ow!

Just when I thought I was entertaining him, he goes and returns the favor... What a thoughtful son :)

Thursday, February 12, 2009

I almost peed my pants...

... when I saw this video:

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Taking the bad with the good

My children are sleepers! I think some of it is luck (and their fathers genes), but most of it has to do with the education we got from the childcare classes we took that helped with scheduling, feeding and disciplne.

Whatever the reason my kids both sleep 12-13 hours (usually from 8pm-9am) every night. Many sleep deprived moms are probably cursing me right now so I have some "the grass is alway greener" news for you.

Although I LOVE my 13 hours of freedom I have another issue to deal with... Since both of my boys sleep so long, they soak through their diapers EVERY night!!!

I have tried everything; no drinks during the hour or two before bedtime, putting a second diaper or rubber pants on over the regular diaper, and even going in and changing their diapers before I go to bed - nothing works!

So essentially I deal with two kids that wet the bed EVERY NIGHT!!!

So to all those mothers who hate me because my kids sleep so much, just remember that for every hour that you don't get of sleep, I have a load of pee soaked laundry to do.

Very Punny

Peter seems to be teething right now, but instead of using teething toys to ease the pain he has taken to eating books.

Last night he got a hold of my "Case for Faith" book and the following took place:

Brett - Peter! That book is called "case for faith", not "taste for faith"!

Me (from the kitchen where I was making dinner) - is he eating a book again? He has been doing that when he is teething these days.

Brett - Food for thought!

Me (mega eye roll, and head shaking) - you are hilarious.

By the way - "hilarious" was said in the voice that George and Jerry used for one of Jerry's girlfriend's belly buttons on Seinfeld... And if you got that reference you are as big a nerd as we are... Or I guess you are as cool as we are :)

Mac Vs. PC

Over the past few weeks our PC has had a lot of issues, all of which Brett spent countless hours (and money) trying to fix. Finally last night (after we thought it was fixed) it decided to shut off every 15 minutes. So we decided that it was time to retire the old computer.

Lucky for us, before we were married (and Brett still had extra money for technology purchases) Brett bought a Mac Mini desk top computer. Over the past 3 years this computer has been used for burning CDs that we gave as gifts at our wedding, 2 Buildtopia (Brett's former company) trade shows, and sitting in our basement.

However last night, we moved it off the bench and into the starting line up, setting it up at my desk and daily use. Now as I try to figure out all the differences, I see the PC vs. Mac ad that is unfolding before my eyes.

In my commercial...

The "PC guy" would be on his death bed, but he would be the only person who knew where all my pictures, videos, and documents were hidden (this includes a spread sheet I use to organize all our finances and tax deductions... right before we planned to fill out our taxes!!!). The only problem is that he is never awake long enough to tell me where they are located, but is taunting me with the information because he still wakes up.

The "Mac guy" would be that eccentric but super cool guy that you always were intrigued by but never thought you fit in with enough to date. But then he asked you out and you are excited, but scared that he does things different and that at any moment you might do something stupid to ruin the relationship.

Anyway, I still have hope that one day I will get my files back from our evil PC, but until then I will stumble awkwardly through my courtship with this new computer.

Fingers crossed!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Baby Burnett is here!

Last month, our good friend's Josh and Sarah Burnett, welcomed their first child into their family, and we were honored to be there for the big arrival!!!

It was Sunday, January 4, and Brett and I were getting ready for dinner when I realized that I hadn't looked at my phone all day.

After retrieving it from my purse I saw that both Josh and another friend Andy Spray had been calling that day and I knew before listening to the message - Sarah was having her baby!!!

Brett and I got a hold of Andy and learned that Sarah was pushing, but the baby wasn't there yet; so we scarfed down our dinner and headed out to Leesburg.

Many of Josh and Sarah's other friends from church and both sets of their parents were sitting around the waiting room playing games and waiting for the big announcement.

Finally, after we were there for about an hour a very proud Josh came out to announce the birth of his daughter - Savannah Ryan Grace Burnett - and show us pictures on his digital camera.

After the grandparents got a chance to go back, it was our turn!

Brett and I scrubbed our hands and put on the required masks before heading back to the delivery room; mean while our friends Matt and Andy watched our babies.

We didn't get to hold Savannah because she was so new (plus I don't think Grandma would have given her up for anything at that point), but we did get to see her for a few minutes before we headed home to put our own babies to bed.

We absolutely loved getting to experience this event as someone other than the parents, and were so honored that Josh and Sarah wanted us to be part of it.

Monday, February 9, 2009


Over the past six months (since Aaron's birth) I have dieted a few times; each time losing 10 pounds and getting down to my pre-Aaron weight (which is 20 pounds higher than my pre-Peter weight). Each of these times I gave up after two weeks, but now I am ready to take it seriously.

To help with my weight loss goals I am counting calories with an iPhone app that I found (for free) called "lose it". This apps is awesome! It asks you height, weight (170), goal weight (125-what I weighed before my dad died and I started eating my feelings), how quickly you want to lose (2 pounds a week), and then it tells you how many calories you should be consuming every day (about 1,200). Then you log in everything you eat and any time you work out and it keeps track of your nutritional information, current calorie budget, etc. with a couple different charts and graphs.

I am usually a big weight watchers person when I am dieting, but this tells me so much more about the break down, nutritionally, of what is going into my body (my averages right now are about 20% fat, 55% carbs, 25% protein). In the first week I lost 4 pounds, and I really think this program will help me stick with the dieting (that along with my killer will power... Yeah right).

If I do stick to it the app says I will reach my goal mid-July... Just in time for my birthday! However, if I don't get there by then I won't be too discouraged (as long as I am sticking to the diet and work out) because my doctor warned me that after 2 c-sections it is very hard to really get back down (I still have trouble doing crunches so anything ab related has to be very low impact).

Brett is also using the app, but he is trying to gain weight. Each day his goal is to bust through the 2,300 calories that the application told him he needed to eat to maintain his weight.

Wish us luck, and we will keep you updated!

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Good news & bad news

Good news - The computer is fixed!

Bad news - all of our thousands of pictures are no longer neatly organized and easy to find.

I have taken about 4 hours so far trying to re-organize my files/pictures/videos but our restored hard drive is a little bit of a mess.

But, I promise to get back to blogging asap! Especially now that we have met so many of our fans recently - you all are really coming out of the wood work!

We never really know who is checking our page, but we know we get a lot of hits. However in the past couple weeks I have come across a tons of people who come clean with me that they read my blog.

The conversation usually goes as follows:

Them - So I don't want to sound like a stalker, but I read your blog all the time.

Me - Cool, I really enjoy writing it, and I am always wondering who all those hits are from.

Them - I didn't know how to tell you since we don't really know each other (they are usually friends of friends), but I know everything about your life.

Me - Well I am the one who puts my life out there.

I think it is pretty funny how embaressed people are about it, but we love that so many people enjoy reading about what we think is a pretty run of the mill life - so stalk on readers ;)

More pictures, stories, and videos to be uploaded soon!

We missed you guys.