Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Baby Burnett is here!

Last month, our good friend's Josh and Sarah Burnett, welcomed their first child into their family, and we were honored to be there for the big arrival!!!

It was Sunday, January 4, and Brett and I were getting ready for dinner when I realized that I hadn't looked at my phone all day.

After retrieving it from my purse I saw that both Josh and another friend Andy Spray had been calling that day and I knew before listening to the message - Sarah was having her baby!!!

Brett and I got a hold of Andy and learned that Sarah was pushing, but the baby wasn't there yet; so we scarfed down our dinner and headed out to Leesburg.

Many of Josh and Sarah's other friends from church and both sets of their parents were sitting around the waiting room playing games and waiting for the big announcement.

Finally, after we were there for about an hour a very proud Josh came out to announce the birth of his daughter - Savannah Ryan Grace Burnett - and show us pictures on his digital camera.

After the grandparents got a chance to go back, it was our turn!

Brett and I scrubbed our hands and put on the required masks before heading back to the delivery room; mean while our friends Matt and Andy watched our babies.

We didn't get to hold Savannah because she was so new (plus I don't think Grandma would have given her up for anything at that point), but we did get to see her for a few minutes before we headed home to put our own babies to bed.

We absolutely loved getting to experience this event as someone other than the parents, and were so honored that Josh and Sarah wanted us to be part of it.

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