Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Mac Vs. PC

Over the past few weeks our PC has had a lot of issues, all of which Brett spent countless hours (and money) trying to fix. Finally last night (after we thought it was fixed) it decided to shut off every 15 minutes. So we decided that it was time to retire the old computer.

Lucky for us, before we were married (and Brett still had extra money for technology purchases) Brett bought a Mac Mini desk top computer. Over the past 3 years this computer has been used for burning CDs that we gave as gifts at our wedding, 2 Buildtopia (Brett's former company) trade shows, and sitting in our basement.

However last night, we moved it off the bench and into the starting line up, setting it up at my desk and daily use. Now as I try to figure out all the differences, I see the PC vs. Mac ad that is unfolding before my eyes.

In my commercial...

The "PC guy" would be on his death bed, but he would be the only person who knew where all my pictures, videos, and documents were hidden (this includes a spread sheet I use to organize all our finances and tax deductions... right before we planned to fill out our taxes!!!). The only problem is that he is never awake long enough to tell me where they are located, but is taunting me with the information because he still wakes up.

The "Mac guy" would be that eccentric but super cool guy that you always were intrigued by but never thought you fit in with enough to date. But then he asked you out and you are excited, but scared that he does things different and that at any moment you might do something stupid to ruin the relationship.

Anyway, I still have hope that one day I will get my files back from our evil PC, but until then I will stumble awkwardly through my courtship with this new computer.

Fingers crossed!

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Brett said...

The problem is you were trying to talk to the PC Guy after 5 in the afternoon. Everyone knows he's already had his dinner at 3 (meatloaf blue plate special) watched 2 episodes of Wheel of Fortune, and is down for the night.