Sunday, February 8, 2009

Good news & bad news

Good news - The computer is fixed!

Bad news - all of our thousands of pictures are no longer neatly organized and easy to find.

I have taken about 4 hours so far trying to re-organize my files/pictures/videos but our restored hard drive is a little bit of a mess.

But, I promise to get back to blogging asap! Especially now that we have met so many of our fans recently - you all are really coming out of the wood work!

We never really know who is checking our page, but we know we get a lot of hits. However in the past couple weeks I have come across a tons of people who come clean with me that they read my blog.

The conversation usually goes as follows:

Them - So I don't want to sound like a stalker, but I read your blog all the time.

Me - Cool, I really enjoy writing it, and I am always wondering who all those hits are from.

Them - I didn't know how to tell you since we don't really know each other (they are usually friends of friends), but I know everything about your life.

Me - Well I am the one who puts my life out there.

I think it is pretty funny how embaressed people are about it, but we love that so many people enjoy reading about what we think is a pretty run of the mill life - so stalk on readers ;)

More pictures, stories, and videos to be uploaded soon!

We missed you guys.

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