Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Taking the bad with the good

My children are sleepers! I think some of it is luck (and their fathers genes), but most of it has to do with the education we got from the childcare classes we took that helped with scheduling, feeding and disciplne.

Whatever the reason my kids both sleep 12-13 hours (usually from 8pm-9am) every night. Many sleep deprived moms are probably cursing me right now so I have some "the grass is alway greener" news for you.

Although I LOVE my 13 hours of freedom I have another issue to deal with... Since both of my boys sleep so long, they soak through their diapers EVERY night!!!

I have tried everything; no drinks during the hour or two before bedtime, putting a second diaper or rubber pants on over the regular diaper, and even going in and changing their diapers before I go to bed - nothing works!

So essentially I deal with two kids that wet the bed EVERY NIGHT!!!

So to all those mothers who hate me because my kids sleep so much, just remember that for every hour that you don't get of sleep, I have a load of pee soaked laundry to do.

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