Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Very Punny

Peter seems to be teething right now, but instead of using teething toys to ease the pain he has taken to eating books.

Last night he got a hold of my "Case for Faith" book and the following took place:

Brett - Peter! That book is called "case for faith", not "taste for faith"!

Me (from the kitchen where I was making dinner) - is he eating a book again? He has been doing that when he is teething these days.

Brett - Food for thought!

Me (mega eye roll, and head shaking) - you are hilarious.

By the way - "hilarious" was said in the voice that George and Jerry used for one of Jerry's girlfriend's belly buttons on Seinfeld... And if you got that reference you are as big a nerd as we are... Or I guess you are as cool as we are :)

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