Thursday, February 28, 2008

What the N?

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Saturday, February 16, 2008

The Ghost of Brett

Last night, after packing, putting the baby to bed, and getting all ready for our vacation; Brett and I went down to the den to catch up on a few episodes of Dexter while I finished up some laundry. By 1:00am, we were exhausted and called it a night, but before I went upstairs I needed to switch the laundry from the washer to the drier. Thinking that Brett had already headed upstairs, I was working as quickly as possible because it is a little creepy down there, plus we had been watching a show about a murderer so I was a little on edge.

To explain our utility/laundry room, it is a hall of shelves and then a small nook where the washer and drier are. While you are doing laundry you are facing away from the hall/door.

So, there I am already a little scared and I turn around and all I see (I wasn't wearing my glasses) is a luminescent image of a man who seemed to be hovering over the laundry basket. My initial reaction was a small startled yelp, but when I really looked and saw a GHOST I let out a huge scream.

That is until the "ghost" started laughing, and my eyes focused on my husband lurking in the shadows right at the under an over head light that was making his face look whiter than usual.

I managed to laugh it off after a while, but I have to admit my heart was pounding for a good half hour. Brett on the other hand thought it was the funniest thing he had ever seen.

Friday, February 15, 2008

The best time(s) of the day

When Peter was first born he ate about 7-9 times a day, and since I was breast feeding it was not so much fun. These days, however, I cannot wait for feeding time!

Now that he is eating "solid" baby foods he only gets three bottles a day, and I love giving him every single one of them. He gets them when he wakes up in the morning and after his two naps and it is the best time. I don't pay attention to the phone, work, ANYTHING, except him.

We get all snuggled up on the couch and just look at each other for the 10-15 minutes it takes him to eat 8 oz.; then afterward sometimes we keep snuggling for a little while after Peter burps. Those moments are my absolute favorite during the day and I really do get almost excited when I hear him waking up from his naps to eat.

Sometimes Brett gets home from work before Peter wakes up from his second nap and he gets to give him the bottle, but it is hard for me to give up that time with Peter! I really think it is the little things about being a parent that make it all worth while.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentines Day!

Happy Valentines Day everyone!

Peter and I took our daily walk to the mail box this afternoon to find that we have each received Valentine's cards! We each got one a really nice one from Peter's Grand dad Gardner/my father-in-law, and Peter got a second from his God Parents, Troy and Alex. As you can see, Peter thought his Valentine's were delicious! Just wait until he gets chocolates for Valentines one day.

Tonight, Grandma BeVard and Peter have a date at home while mommy and daddy go to a suprise Valentine's dinner - very exciting :)

XOXOX to all you love birds!

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Who had the most popular vote?

So, after scraping ice off our car, spending an hour in traffic, and slipping on the ice in the parking lot, we finally made it to the ballot booth at Chesterbrook Elementary last night. And although Obama and McCain might have gotten the nominations for their respective parties; Peter Lincoln had all of the voters attention in the El Nino district!

The volunteers were hilarious, not wanting us to leave and cooing at the baby. We are used to people giving him attention, but this was a little more extreme than usual. Finally we got out of there, with several "I voted" stickers and a whole lot of confidence that we have the cutest baby ever!

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Don't forget to vote!!!

It isn't too late, so if you haven't voted yet, get out there. Otherwise you don't get to complain about anything political for the next 4 years!

If you don't know who to vote for yet, click here and take the quiz to find out who you best match up with!

Cat fight!

Since moving into our new house Peter has realized that he is not our only child. A few weeks ago he started noticing and being completely fascinated with our cat, Angel Food Cake. Now, Peter is thrilled every time he sees her. He reaches out for her, tried to hug her, pet her, and will not take his eyes off of her if she is in his site.

This made me a little nervous because, although Angel Food Cake is very loving to me, she is a stray and has a little bit of a feisty personality. She nips and bats at people's hands when they try to pet her, pounces on legs of people when they walk by, and generally has an attitude of her way or the highway. With Peter, however, she is totally tolerant. She lets him "pet" her (i.e. grab handfuls of her fur), hug her (which has involved grabbing her ears and whiskers and pull her toward him), and even let him give her "kisses" (which one time was putting her whole nose in his mouth - I am working on teaching him to kiss with a closed mouth).

So, as you can see, they are best buddies!

However, there is also a new enemy in the neighborhood.

This weekend Peter was taking his nap and I was in the kitchen when I heard a scream. Thinking it was coming from the baby monitor I ran upstairs, only to find Peter fast asleep in his crib. Totally freaked out (and confused) I ran back down to the living room, where I could still hear the noises getting louder. There was Angel Food Cake, paws on the glass door, literally screaming at a trespassing cat in the backyard. After 15 minutes I finally got the cat to leave, but she has come back everyday since. What’s worse is that everyday Angel Food Cake get even more aggressive and angry at the other cat. Today she was literally pouncing on the window and hissing for over 20 minutes.

Someone please tell me what we can do to make this stop!!!

Monday, February 11, 2008

Let me count the ways I love my hubby...

So I realize that this blog is 99.9% to inform family and friends who are out to town, or out of touch, what is going on with Peter (and any other Gardner children who show up on our doorstep). However, this week is Valentine's and I am feeling extra lovey dovey toward my hubby, so if you don't feel like puking please stop reading now!

For those of you who don't want the calories from lunch...

Way #1 - Brett makes me laugh every single day of our lives. Recently I was mad at him for assuming that I would take care of something, but when I asked him "Do you know what happens when you assume?" (Cleary informing him that it makes an ass out of you and me) His response was "I get some ass?" Ok, so I might not like swears, but man did that make me crack up. Oh yeah, and completely forget why I was mad.

Way #2 - I get the best surprises EVER! So, Brett might not be the best at keeping surprises (there has rarely been a holiday, gift, event that he didn't spill the beans about); but he does get me the best stuff! For the past few months I have known that this week Brett was going to be gone to his builders show in Florida. Of course I was sad because, lets face it, I am completely co-dependant, but it is also Valentine's Day! Then last night I was saying that I was going to tell all of our friends that have kids that I would watch them on Valentine's Day so they could have date night. That is when he told me that he had gotten out of his business trip so he could stay home with me the whole week! It was the third time in my life I cried in happiness. So melty :)

Way #3 - Mushiest, corniest, cheesiest hubby EVER! On top of being a surprising, hilarious husband, Brett is about the most charming and make-you-want-to-throw-up romantic guy I have ever met. One night he was going on and on telling Peter how much he loved me, and how beautiful I was, etc. etc. etc. At the comment "And I love your mommy so much that we made you" - Peter promptly threw up all over himself.

Way #4 - I always get to sleep through the night. Since I am a stay at home mom, and with the baby most of the time, Brett has always gotten up in the middle of the night if Peter wakes up - no questions asked. This started when we were still breast feeding and the deal was that Brett would get him up, change his diaper and bring him to our bed to feed. However, when we stopped breast feeding at 12 weeks Brett did not stop getting up at night! This is especially commendable since he is kept up late at night by my night owl ways, as well as has to wake up early for a long commute.

Way #5 - I am the hottest girl he has ever met. Since I have now been pregnant 12 out of the past 15 months I am not exactly thrilled with my body's new lumpy, stretch marked and scared form. Brett however couldn't be happier. He tells me on a daily basis how beautiful he thinks I am and when I am down on myself he reminds me that all he sees is the amazing body that created his children. Again, very cheesy, but who doesn't want cheesy?

So, there are millions more ways that I love him, but we all need to get back to work. Wishing everyone as much love, happiness and cheesiness as I am blessed with!

Happy early Valentines :)

Monday, February 4, 2008

Another big day!

This afternoon Peter caught my finger in his mouth and bit down, and for the first time ever it hurt! After furthure investigation I found that he is cutting his first tooth. It is just bearly visable, but you can definately feel it coming in on the bottom row right in front.

Hopefully he will take this like a "man," but the other night he screamed bloody murder about an hour after we put him to bed and now we are thinking this might be why. Regardless, we are very excited for the little guy!