Thursday, April 28, 2011

What Do You Say?

Thursday afternoons, the kids and I usually pick up fast food for lunch and then stop by my friend Georgia's house to eat and hang out (while she is "working" from home).

We arrived a little late and had been running around all morning, so I asked Georgia to put on the TV so they could have a little quiet time. After getting the kids some food, Peter asked for "dippy" sauce for his French fries, which Georgia got up to help him with.

As Georgia stood in front of Peter putting the ketchup on his plate I reminded him to say "thank you" by saying, "Peter, what do you say to Aunt Georgia?"

He replied with, "get out of my way," as he tried to get a view of the TV behind her.

Dance, Dance, Dance

This evening we were out to dinner and Aaron was being naughty, standing up in his chair and not eating.

Me - Aaron, you need to eat your pizza.

Aaron - I don't want my pizza!

Me - Don't you want ice cream after? (Implying that if he didn't finish his food he was not getting dessert).

Aaron - NO, I want to DANCE! (Then proceeds to stand up in his high chair and shake his little booty).

Adult Diapers

Peter is going to be 4 years old this August, and is still not potty trained. I consider this my biggest failure as a parent (to date), but the pediatrician says it is normal and he isn't old enough to worry. So, I continue to change diapers and try to gently remind Peter of the benefits and excitement that comes with going to the bathroom in the big boy potty.

Peter was actually potty trained around his third birthday, but reverted because he has a #2 hang up. As in, he is terrified of going (can't wait to show his future girl friend's this post by the way).

So this afternoon he went #2 in his diaper, but didn't tell me (I am stuffed up from allergies so I didn't notice). Until of course he was feeling uncomfortable and complained that he was getting a diaper rash. A little while after changing his diaper he was still complaining that his bum hurt.

Me - Well, Peter when you go potty on a big boy potty you can't get a diaper rash, so it never hurts. Mommy NEVER gets diaper rash because Mommy doesn't have to wear diapers.

Peter - Yeah, but you DO go pee pee in your pants when you sneeze.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011


This morning in the car I heard Peter yell to me from the back seat:

Peter - Mommy, did you know that sharks are afraid of bottle nose dolphins and humpback whales?

Me - I didn't know that.

Peter - Neither did I, but I learned it. You should really learn more Mom.

Monday, April 25, 2011

Campbell Louise, Scheduled for Delivery

This afternoon I went to my OB for my 27 week check up. Campbell still looks great, and just like Peter was at 26 weeks, she is sitting breach (head up). Not that it matters, after 2 C-sections with the boys, she will be another C-section baby.

Both Peter and Aaron were emergency C-sections (Peter after 18 hours of labor, and with Aaron I went into labor 5 weeks before his due date and they couldn't stop it), so they were not scheduled. Campbell on the other hand (as long as I don't go early) has now been scheduled.

It is VERY odd saying that I already know my baby's birthday, but if all goes as planned Campbell will be celebrating her birthday on July 19! Sorry Aunt Krennie, my doctor doesn't have hospital hours on Mondays or I he might have chosen July 18.

Now for the task of scheduling help for the boys during the week I am in the hospital. Fingers crossed I am able to go home early this time (I had to stay 5 days with both boys).

Oh, and for those wondering - My mother, Mary BeVard, will be the winner of the Baby G3 birthday pool IF Campbell waits to be born on July 19th!


One of Aaron's fascinations is with my face. He LOVES pointing out each feature (nose, eyes, lips, etc.) and sometimes counting said features.

This morning he was doing just that:

Aaron - Here are your eyes. 1, 2, two eyes!

Me - Good job, Aaron, what else is on my face?

Aaron - Nose. 1, 2, 3...

Me - Aaron, I only have ONE nose!

Aaron - No, mommy I was counting boogers.

Sunday, April 24, 2011


With Baby #3 on the way, Brett and I had to upgrade to a larger car. Last month we sold our Honda CRV and found a great deal on a 2001 Honda Odyssey. Even more exciting than the deal we got on the car was the personalized plates that I was able to get - CAPS MOM.

I was so excited for my new plates, and told Brett I wanted to make the new van into a Caps spirit car. In addition to my plates, I have rally flags on both sides of the car saying "Get Caps Crazy", a license plate frame, and put many other items on my Amazon wish list (Mother's Day AND my birthday are coming up, honey... hint hint).

This evening we were driving home from another amazing Easter dinner at Brett's grandmother's house when the car next to us honked three times.

Angry that I was some how being accused of bad driving (which I was pretty sure I was NOT committing), I turned to the person honking, gave them a dirty look and mouthed, "WHAT?!?!?" in their direction.

Me - I mean, what the heck is that guy's problem? I wasn't doing anything wrong, and people are ALWAYS honking at me!!!

Brett - You know your license plates say "CAPS MOM" and you have Caps rally flags, right? I think he was honking "Let's Go Caps"... you know, like everyone does after games.

Me - ....oh, well that makes sense. (hangs head in shame)

Monday, April 18, 2011

What Do You Think is in my Belly, Aaron???

So, let me start off by saying that when Brett and I were choosing a name for our daughter, we decided to allow the kids to be involved. We came up with three names that we liked (Campbell, Celia and Charlie) and then put the kids in separate rooms and asked them what name they liked best. We lucked out because both boys said Campbell right away.

Or at least that is what we THOUGHT they both said.

This morning I was outside pumping gas at the gas station with the boys in the car, when Aaron pointed out his window and yelled, "Look, Mommy, that store has a camel inside it just like you have in your belly!"

I turned to see this sign on the gas station window:

Needless to say, Peter and I spent the next 30 minutes explaining to Aaron that mommy had a baby girl (person) NAMED Campbell in her belly.

Aaron still seems pretty excited to meet his sister, but I think he was really looking forward to a baby camel.

Imaginary Friends

I think it is pretty typical for kids Peter's age to have imaginary friends, but Peter refuses to do anything in typical fashion. Instead of imaginary friends, my child has named and talks to three of his fingers.

Right thumb's name is Dam. Right index finger's name is Treck. Left thumb's name is Casey.

Casey, Dam and Treck are responsible for most of Peter's bad behavior (mainly hitting his brother, making messes and playing with food), and I frequently find Peter talking to them.

After asking him why only three of his fingers had names, Peter rolled his eyes at me, sighed and said, "Because I am only THREE, MOM! Don't you know that?!?"

My Little Music Man

Aaron absolutely has acquired his parents' love of music. He has very eclectic taste (like his mother), and loves playing his toy guitars (like his father). He really gets into a LOT of different kinds of music and loves learning new songs (although, not any by Coldplay as we recently learned).

This afternoon, Cee Lo Brown's "Forget You" came on the radio in the car - a current favorite of mine and Brett's and the ring tone on my phone. From the back seat I heard Aaron perk up and yell to me, "Turn it up Mommy, this is my JAM!"

Here is the music video for those who are not familiar with the song:

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Peter's Light Bulb Moment

This morning, when I asked the kids what they wanted for breakfast, Peter said, "A bagel with cream cheese and eggs, please."

Peter's favorite breakfast (or lunch or dinner for that matter) is egg sandwiches, so I assumed that he was asking for an egg ON a bagel with cream cheese. When I handed it to him I quickly learned that this was NOT what he had envisioned.

The child flat out lost his mind throwing a tantrum (don't let anyone fool you into thinking "the terrible 2s" are the worst stage - 3 is WAY worse... And I am terrified to find what 4 has in store for me).

Well call me mean, but I took the sandwich out of Peter's reach, and walked away (last I checked I am NOT a short order cook, nor do I listen to screaming and crying).

For the next 5-10 minutes Peter screamed, yelled, cried and threw his body around in his booster seat. I did not look or speak to him the entire time.

Then very suddenly he stopped, took a breath, and said to himself, "My mommy doesn't listen to crying."

Taking a second large breath and wiping the tears from his eyes he said, "Mommy, I am sorry for my behavior. Can I have my bagel egg sandwich, please?"

Victory!!! Now how do I get to this point without the massive tantrum in the middle???

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Our Peanut Butter Palace

Last night I was up almost the whole night feeling feverish with an upset stomach. This morning my stomach still hurt and I was tired, so when the kids got up Brett marched them down stairs to watch TV while I got ready.

By the time he was leaving for work I was still moving slowly upstairs so Brett got the boys some Peanut Butter sandwiches for breakfast (this is the "Daddy Special" at our house). In a rush to get to work Brett left the peanut butter open on the counter before leaving the house.

Not five minutes after Brett came to kiss me good bye, I heard Aaron scream for me, "Mommy, HELP - it is too messy!"

Aaron is very OCD, and hates having his tray or bib dirty when he is eating, so I was expecting to come down to him having a drip of PBJ on his hand or something. If only I was that lucky.

I only made it to the top of the stairs before I was aware of the enormous mess that was waiting for me.

Aaron was standing at the bottom of the stairs, hands and mouth COVERED in peanut butter, finger painting the wall. I ran down the stairs to see Peter in a similar situation at the coffee table, and next to him the dog had his snout in the open jar of peanut butter.

I am usually quick to take pictures of these type of situations, but between still feeling sick to my stomach and panicking about the enormous clean up I had ahead of me I only got this one (after both boys had a bath):

I am pretty sure I have gotten all of the mess cleaned up, but my house still has an hint of Peanut Butter in the air.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Peter Makes the News!

This morning I met a friend to watch the Washington Caps practice where they were having a pep rally for the playoffs, which start tomorrow!

My friend, Jon Calvert, was approached by a camera man for an interview (some of which can be seen in the video below). While he was being interviewed next to me, I (totally afraid of public speaking and camera shy to a fault) turned the other way to ensure I was not within the camera's frame.

Peter, on the other hand hammed it up and drew in the attention of the camera man as he was getting ready to pack up for the day.

Jon was nice enough to post the video on You Tube for me because I missed the airing.


And if you didn't catch it - Brett Haber says in reference to Peter (at the end), "That's already the cutest image that we'll have for the entire playoffs!"

Monday, April 11, 2011

You Wanna Know How I Know You're Gay...

Before you read this post please note that if you have never seen the movie "The 40 Year Old Virgin" you will not get the humor of this story and should stop reading now. If you do have immature taste in movies keep reading.

This afternoon the boys and I were driving and I was flipping through the radio stations. Most of my preset stations were on commercials, but DC101 was playing Coldpaly's Yellow so I left it there. All of a sudden Aaron burst into tears.

Me - Aaron, what's wrong???

Aaron - I don't like this song!

Me - Aaron, this is Coldplay.

Aaron - I really really don't like Coldplay, Mommy! Please turn it off!!!

I changed the channel and he calmed down. Then I called Brett to tell him how I know Aaron is NOT gay.