Thursday, April 28, 2011

Adult Diapers

Peter is going to be 4 years old this August, and is still not potty trained. I consider this my biggest failure as a parent (to date), but the pediatrician says it is normal and he isn't old enough to worry. So, I continue to change diapers and try to gently remind Peter of the benefits and excitement that comes with going to the bathroom in the big boy potty.

Peter was actually potty trained around his third birthday, but reverted because he has a #2 hang up. As in, he is terrified of going (can't wait to show his future girl friend's this post by the way).

So this afternoon he went #2 in his diaper, but didn't tell me (I am stuffed up from allergies so I didn't notice). Until of course he was feeling uncomfortable and complained that he was getting a diaper rash. A little while after changing his diaper he was still complaining that his bum hurt.

Me - Well, Peter when you go potty on a big boy potty you can't get a diaper rash, so it never hurts. Mommy NEVER gets diaper rash because Mommy doesn't have to wear diapers.

Peter - Yeah, but you DO go pee pee in your pants when you sneeze.

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adult diapers said...

Oh my! Good thing there are adult diapers you can take advantage of :) but really Peter's comeback was outright funny!