Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Our Peanut Butter Palace

Last night I was up almost the whole night feeling feverish with an upset stomach. This morning my stomach still hurt and I was tired, so when the kids got up Brett marched them down stairs to watch TV while I got ready.

By the time he was leaving for work I was still moving slowly upstairs so Brett got the boys some Peanut Butter sandwiches for breakfast (this is the "Daddy Special" at our house). In a rush to get to work Brett left the peanut butter open on the counter before leaving the house.

Not five minutes after Brett came to kiss me good bye, I heard Aaron scream for me, "Mommy, HELP - it is too messy!"

Aaron is very OCD, and hates having his tray or bib dirty when he is eating, so I was expecting to come down to him having a drip of PBJ on his hand or something. If only I was that lucky.

I only made it to the top of the stairs before I was aware of the enormous mess that was waiting for me.

Aaron was standing at the bottom of the stairs, hands and mouth COVERED in peanut butter, finger painting the wall. I ran down the stairs to see Peter in a similar situation at the coffee table, and next to him the dog had his snout in the open jar of peanut butter.

I am usually quick to take pictures of these type of situations, but between still feeling sick to my stomach and panicking about the enormous clean up I had ahead of me I only got this one (after both boys had a bath):

I am pretty sure I have gotten all of the mess cleaned up, but my house still has an hint of Peanut Butter in the air.

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