Monday, April 25, 2011

Campbell Louise, Scheduled for Delivery

This afternoon I went to my OB for my 27 week check up. Campbell still looks great, and just like Peter was at 26 weeks, she is sitting breach (head up). Not that it matters, after 2 C-sections with the boys, she will be another C-section baby.

Both Peter and Aaron were emergency C-sections (Peter after 18 hours of labor, and with Aaron I went into labor 5 weeks before his due date and they couldn't stop it), so they were not scheduled. Campbell on the other hand (as long as I don't go early) has now been scheduled.

It is VERY odd saying that I already know my baby's birthday, but if all goes as planned Campbell will be celebrating her birthday on July 19! Sorry Aunt Krennie, my doctor doesn't have hospital hours on Mondays or I he might have chosen July 18.

Now for the task of scheduling help for the boys during the week I am in the hospital. Fingers crossed I am able to go home early this time (I had to stay 5 days with both boys).

Oh, and for those wondering - My mother, Mary BeVard, will be the winner of the Baby G3 birthday pool IF Campbell waits to be born on July 19th!

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