Sunday, April 24, 2011


With Baby #3 on the way, Brett and I had to upgrade to a larger car. Last month we sold our Honda CRV and found a great deal on a 2001 Honda Odyssey. Even more exciting than the deal we got on the car was the personalized plates that I was able to get - CAPS MOM.

I was so excited for my new plates, and told Brett I wanted to make the new van into a Caps spirit car. In addition to my plates, I have rally flags on both sides of the car saying "Get Caps Crazy", a license plate frame, and put many other items on my Amazon wish list (Mother's Day AND my birthday are coming up, honey... hint hint).

This evening we were driving home from another amazing Easter dinner at Brett's grandmother's house when the car next to us honked three times.

Angry that I was some how being accused of bad driving (which I was pretty sure I was NOT committing), I turned to the person honking, gave them a dirty look and mouthed, "WHAT?!?!?" in their direction.

Me - I mean, what the heck is that guy's problem? I wasn't doing anything wrong, and people are ALWAYS honking at me!!!

Brett - You know your license plates say "CAPS MOM" and you have Caps rally flags, right? I think he was honking "Let's Go Caps"... you know, like everyone does after games.

Me - ....oh, well that makes sense. (hangs head in shame)

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