Thursday, June 11, 2009

Family Fun!

Back on May 9 we had one of our first really good weather days in the DC area, and Brett and I took full advantage of it.

After the kids were up, dressed and fed, we packed the family in the car and headed over to Mason District Park (in my opinion the nicest of the Annandale parks!).

When we first arrived, we decided to take the boys on a long walk around the park's trails, which appeared to be paved. However, less than a mile into the woods and the path became gravel and dirt and we found that even though "Jeep" makes our stroller, it is not good at off roading!

Next we headed to the playgroup area where Peter could play, while Aaron and I relaxed in the sun with some toys.

Before we knew it, the kids were hungry and it was time to head home.

After lunch and a 2 hour nap, we were all up and ready for more out door fun.

This time Brett and I decided to take the kids to Reston Town Center so that Peter could play in the fountain and we could get Iceberry - our newest frozen yogurt addiction!

Peter absolutely LOVES playing in these "spray parks" (as I have learned mom's call them), and was entertained for at least an hour.

Aaron on the other hand, is not the biggest fan of water (despite his nick name of "Fish"), but we are working on it.

Before heading back home we drove by my childhood home - the townhouse that my family owned before we built our house in McLean:

It was so nice to have a day just doing family stuff and even better, the kids were so pooped out that they fell asleep early and slept in the next day! Cannot wait for more out door summer fun.

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