Friday, May 27, 2011

Whipped at the Tender Age of Three

The last few weeks my boys have become every-other-day nappers. This means that my free time is more limited (read - my house is messier), and we now have to find activities to do in the afternoon.

Thankfully, we aren't the only ones. A few of Peter's friends from my MOMS Club are also dropping their naps so we usually have someone to play with. One such friend is my friend Christy's daughter, Emy.

Emy and Peter play AMAZINGLY together. I rarely see them fight and they seem to be completely on the same page with the little fantasy games that they play together (usually Prince and Princess, or Mommy and Baby... where oddly Peter plays the role of Mommy).

This is great for Aaron, who prefers to play by himself most of the time, because Peter leaves him alone when Emy is around.

Until this afternoon.

A few of the kids from our morning playgroup stayed for lunch and to play in the sprinkler today. Playing in the sprinkler turned into everyone watering my flowers and playing in my little garden. That is when I heard Peter defending a girl for the first time.

Peter - AARON, NO!!! Do not put mud on MY princess!

I guess he hasn't learned the saying, "Bros before... princesses"

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