Sunday, January 9, 2011

Killing me with Kindness

I don't write as many blogs about the funny little things that Aaron says as I do about what Peter says, but that doesn't mean Aaron isn't as funny. And trust me he talks just as much, actually Peter is sort of having trouble getting a word in edge wise lately. Aaron is just harder to capture in print. Half of what makes Aaron funny are the faces that he makes and his cute little voice.

Here is an example of "the face," but there is a range of ridiculous faces that he gives us ranging from distaste to over joyed.

The other "Aaronism" when Aaron talks is that he says things in a very polite way even when he is talking about something he doesn't like.

Give him food he doesn't like? His response, "No, thank you! This is NOT my favorite, can I have a cupcake? Please, Mommy, oh please pleeease?" (he has a bit of a sweet tooth and constantly asks for cupcakes, ice cream, pop tarts, cookies, or just generalizes to treats.)

"No, thank you" is a BIG one for Aaron. Peter will try to take a toy or play something that Aaron doesn't like and Aaron first response (before Wrestling his brother) is, "NO THANK YOU PETER, NO THANK YOU!"

But the tone and the words are completely opposite. Though all of his language is peppered with "pleases" and "thank yous" his tone is rarely polite when he wants his way. It is almost as if he is learning sarcasm (probably from his mother).

However, when Aaron drops sarcasm he is the sweetest, most loving boy ever. At night when I go to check on him before I go to bed he is occasionally sitting in his bed quietly with his eyes open.

Me - Aaron, whats wrong?

Aaron - I can't sleep. I need a kiss.

Me - OK (picking him up and kissing him)

Aaron - Thanks Mommy, I Wove you. (he cannot say his "L"s very well)

Me - I love you too Aaron

Aaron - Night night Mommy. I going to sleep now.

Heart. Completely. Melted.

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