Monday, January 10, 2011

To My Health

Brett and I are getting hit pretty hard by all the changes in medical insurance this year. Our new plan means that giving birth this summer will cost us a lot out of pocket (I don't think we paid a cent for Peter or Aaron), so we put the max allowed into our FSA account.

This weekend we were working out our budget for the year and I said something to the effect of, "you had a great promotion and bonus, yet we are only bringing in $12 more per pay period."

Brett responded that it only seems that way because this year we have to budget for surgery (c-section), but normally that money would go into his pay check and not into the FSA account.

Really Brett? What is "normal"? Because as I calculate it I have had at least one surgery every year that we have been married:

2007 - C-section
2008 - C-section
2009 - Ureteroscopic Kidney Stone Removal
2010 - Thyroidectomy and DNC

Not to mention swine flu (Brett calls me the outbreak monkey because I had it before it was "cool"), seizures, tuberculous, pneumonia, 7 months of mono, hypothyroidism, asthma, boarder line diabetic, gestational diabetes, anemia, low blood pressure, fainting spells, sciatica, chronic migraines, a tumor and infections after both c-sections in my medical history.

I think he momentarily forgot that he was married to a 28 year old with the medical history/immune system of an 82 year old.

He had a similar laps in judgment when he thought it wasn't necessary to have life insurance on me.

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