Saturday, January 8, 2011

Religous Conversations with my 3 Year Old

Brett and I were Baptized Christians on June 17, 2009 and before then had dedicated both of our children at our church.

We try hard to make our faith a part of our kids life, but honestly during Christmas is the time when I really talk to Peter and Aaron a lot about it.

They have a Little People Nativity set that we only get out at Christmas that they LOVE, and I use it (along with some books we have) to explain the meaning of Christmas. We also use Christmas as a celebration of Jesus's birthday (with a cake and everything) to emphasis the point.

Thus far Peter sort of understands the following:

1. God made everything (this is a point he follows up with all the time... "what about Rusty's teeth, did God make those?")

2. God is Jesus's Father.

3. Jesus was a special baby that came to take care of us.

4. Mary was Jesus's mother.

Pretty good for a 3 year old, but now that he has started to grasp the idea he is asking tougher questions. The following took place when we were playing with his Nativity set:

Peter - Mommy, this is Baby Jesus and EVERYONE loves him and he loves every body. This is his birthday party. He invited all his animal friends and these three friends brought him presents. This is his mother, Mary; and this is his father, God (holding up Joseph)

Me - No Peter, that is Joseph. God gave baby Jesus to Mary so that Mary and Joseph could take care of him.

Peter - Like God gave you the baby in your belly for you and Daddy to take care of?

Me - No, Daddy gave me my baby.

Peter - But God makes everything.

Me - ummmmmmmm... Well God gave Daddy the ability to give me a baby.

Peter - What's "ability"?

Me - It is like power - God gave Daddy the power to give Mommy a baby... Like the Super Readers have the power to read. That is their ability.

Peter - Daddy is a Super Hero?!?! But I think this guy is still called God (pointing to Joseph), OK Mommy?

Oh well, I tried!

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