Sunday, January 16, 2011


As I said in the below post - Peter is starting to show signs of sounding out words and learning to read. It has stirred up some interesting conversations in my house that prove to me that I really need to be quicker on my feet with answers if I am going to keep up with this kid.

Setting - we are reading books one night, and in the story the word "book" came up.

Peter - Mommy, that doesn't spell "book".

Me - Yes it does, let's sound it out. What does a "B" say?

Peter - Ba

(We go through each letter and say all the sounds)

Me - See, you put that together and it says "Book"

Peter - Well there are two "O"s - that says ooo, like "zoo" or "boo", so it says BoooK (use the "OO" sound in Zoo or Boo).

Me - Well, when there is a "K" after the Os the two "O"s make a different sound, so they say "Book".

Peter - I think you are saying it wrong. Can you finish reading me the boook (again with the "oo" sound in zoo).

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