Friday, January 7, 2011

Constant Cravings

For those who don't know, Brett and I are expecting AGAIN!

Baby #3 will be welcomed into the world this summer, and just out of my first trimester I am already suffering major cravings.

When I was pregnant with Peter and Aaron I would get cravings for Coffee Ice Cream and Oreos. Almost every night at 11pm. When I would ask Brett to go to the store he would always say, "I think you are just hungry, just eat something else and wait 30 minutes. If you are still hungry after that I will go to the store."

He is a smart guy, 99% of the time I ended up falling asleep and in 18 months of pregnancy he only had to go get my ice cream and oreos ONCE!

Baby G3 (as we call him/her) gives me a much spicier craving - Chipolte Veggie Burritos. And not just at 11pm - all day long. It is hard because we have one right next to our gym, but I have been good and stayed away (they are like 2,000 calories each). Until tonight.

Brett asked what I wanted for dinner and the following conversation took place:

Me - I think the baby wants Chipolte.

Brett - The closest one is a 15 minute drive... are you sure?

Me - Very sure.

Brett - How would the baby feel about Taco Bell?

Me - The baby is EXTREMELY specific about it's Mexican take out.

Brett - Why don't we have something from Taco Bell and see if the baby is satisfied? After 30 minutes if you are still hungry I will drive to Chipolte.

Guess who is currently at the Taco Bell drive through? Dang it!!!

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