Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Coming soon - A Niece or Nephew!

Last October Brett's brother and our sister-in-law called with VERY exciting news - they were expecting. I literally screamed with excitement and started crying with joy.

The first reason (of course) was a selfish one - I have been DYING to become an Aunt. Being an Aunt seems like so much fun. You get to spoil and be fun, without having to worry about the discipline or sleepless nights. Perfect situation! I am almost more excited about becoming an Aunt than I am about becoming a mom for the 3rd time (ALMOST).

I had really fun Aunts growing up, that I was able to go visit and take trips with as a kid. I am already hoping that Don and Jen give us that opportunities when our niece or nephew is older!

The second reason for my excitement, is that Don and Jen are AMAZING with my kids. I honestly could not have married into a family with a better pair to be Aunt and Uncle to my boys. If they parent with half the love, generosity and attention that they show their nephews (and you know they will!) they are going to be such great parents.

Jen is due about 6 weeks before me, so our kids will be close in age and hopefully be good friends! They are not finding out the sex (although, from past history I am pretty sure Gardners only make boys), but here is a sneak peak of his/her adorable profile:

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