Monday, January 10, 2011

Getting the "H" Out

Brett told me a sweet story about trying to put Aaron to bed tonight and Aaron trying to stall him.

Aaron - Daddy, I am not sleepy, it is not bedtime!

Brett - Bedtime Aaron, say good night.

Aaron - But I need to give you a kiss.

Brett - OK, give me a kiss.

Aaron - But I need to kiss your nose.

Brett - Alright, kiss my nose.

Aaron - Now I need to kiss your head.

Brett - OK

Aaron - Now open wide.


At this point Aaron puts his entire hand into Brett's mouth.

Aaron - You have an "H" in there. I need to get it out.

Now Aaron waits about 15 seconds.

Aaron - GOT IT!

Brett - Thank goodness.

Aaron - OK, Daddy, bedtime. Night Night Daddy.

Brett - Night Night Aaron.

Aaron - Wove you.

Brett - I love you too.

Aaron - But... I need to give you a kiss.

Scroll back up to the beginning of the conversation and re-read three times. Finally after the fourth round Aaron didn't ask for a kiss and curled up with his Lovey Lamb.

Officially the most original way one of my children has held off bedtime... so far.

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