Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Aaron's Favorite

This afternoon the whole family went on a walk together. Aaron wanted to play in some bushes and (shocker) ended up hurting himself. He screamed out for me, but since Brett was closer he picked him up.

Aaron - (still crying) - No. I said mommy!

Me - I'll take him, he likes me better (obviously joking, because Aaron used to be such a Daddy's boy)

Brett - Hey, that's not nice.

Me - Aaron, who is your favorite?

Aaron - Blue

Me - No who do you like, mommy or daddy?

Aaron - no, Peter is my favorite! Peter is the best boy ever.

First time ever that I didn't care at all about not being the favorite.

Side note - right after I decided to ask Peter:

Me - Who is your best girl?

Peter - You

Me - Who is your best boy?

Peter - ME!

That was a little too predictable.

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