Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Dream a little dream

This morning as I finished drying my hair I heard Peter call over the monitor, "wake up mommy!" (he was taught to say "I am awake mommy" when he is ready to get up, but he had a new variation today).

I went to get him up and we had the following conversation about his dream last night:

Me: good morning Peter, did you sleep well last night?

Peter: yeah, I have dream.

Me: really? What did you dream about?

Peter: monkeys

Me: where were the monkeys?

Peter: in the bed!

Me: what!?! What were monkeys doing in your bed?

Peter: monkeys sing a song, mommy.

Me: really, how did the song go?

Peter: la la la la la

Me: wow, that is a great song Peter.

Peter: Peter sang a sing too mommy.

Me: oh yeah, how did Peter's song go.

Peter: la la la la la

Me: oh Peter sang the monkey song?

Peter: no mommy, Peter sang a different song. Like this la la la la la

Me: sounds like the monkey song to me.

Peter: no mommy. La la la la la

Me: whatever you say silly pants

Peter: you wear silly pants mommy. LA LA LA LA LA, right mommy?

I realize this story would have been cuter if I had it on video, but just wanted to give you a taste of life with my talking two year old.

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