Wednesday, November 4, 2009

My little back breaker

Ever since Aaron was starting to smile, roll and sit up on his own we thought he was very advanced. He seemed like a very focused and fast learning child, so we naturally thought he would be walking before his first birthday (Peter, who isn't focused on anything for more than 10 seconds walked at 13 months).

Aaron's first birthday has come and gone. He is now a 23 pound 15 + month old baby who is breaking my back.

He has however started talking. He says "Mommy" "Daddy" "Please" "Juice" "Up" "Ball" "Duck" and more, including a variety of animal noises (including panting like a dog, which is too cute - must get that on video!)

Anyway, tonight (I am at work), Brett texted me the following: "I swear, Aaron just said "Juice Please Daddy!"

Although I was very excited to hear Aaron had his first sentence, this was my reponce: "Yeah, but did he walk over to ask?"

Fingers crossed that he has it down by Thanksgiving!

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