Friday, August 27, 2010

Playing Sleepover

My favorite part about having two talking toddlers (preschoolers?) is their imagination. Those two boys need very little to entertain themselves and can play for hours together making up new games.

One of their newest games sort of started a week ago when Aaron was sitting in a box and Peter kept bringing him toys.

The game has changed in that there is no longer a box involved and now they named it "sleepover." The first thing they do in "Sleepover" is have one of them lay down on the couch and the other covers him with a blanket.

Then they proceed to cover the blanketed brother with all the toys in the room, so they can have a "Sleepover."

Once completely covered, Aaron likes to add a little flair to the game by bursting out of the blanket and yelling, "BUST OUT!"

Then both boys belly laugh for a few minutes (repeating "Bust out") and then do it all over again.

And now you know what a morning in the Gardner house looks like :)

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