Thursday, August 26, 2010

Dinosaur Eggs

We tried to go to the pool today, but it was closed due to a lack of lifeguard. We were bummed, but there is a playground near by so we just made a change in our plans.

The kids played on the swings for a little while but soon wanted to go explore and play their favorite new game - "creature adventures"

In this game you really see their little imaginations at work. They walk around the trees pointing to "monkeys," "owls," and "snakes."

Today while they were hunting for animals, Peter made a discovery - dinosaur eggs!

Peter - Mommy, Aaron, come quick. I found a nest with baby dinosaurs.

Aaron - Baby dinosaurs!?!?! Yaaaaaay!

Peter - See, Mommy (pointing to a pile of rocks).

Me - They look like rocks Peter, are they going to hatch.

Peter - No silly. They are FOSSILS. I think they were stegosaurus eggs The water went into the eggs and turned them onto rocks. Now we can take them to the museum for friends to look at.

When did my kids become smarter than me?

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