Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Gardner Campbell

I realize that my daughter has both a last name and a boy's name as her first name, but I never thought I would have the following conversations with confused individuals.

I got a call from my doctor's office the other day and literally felt like someone was playing a joke on me.

Me - Hello

Nurse - Hi, Gardner Campbell please?

Me - I think you are referring to my daughter, but she is an infant so she isn't really talking yet. Can I help you?

Nurse - Yes, hello, Mrs. Campbell...

Me - That isn't our last name.

Nurse - Oh, I'm sorry do you go by a different last name than your daughter?

Me - No, our last name is Gardner - her FIRST name is Campbell.

Nurse - Oh, ok, I wasn't sure what the first name was.

I guess looking at the 100 pieces of paper work I filled out for the doctor's office where I wrote "Campbell" under the first name section was too much work for her. Not to mention, who names there daughter "Gardner?"

Then yesterday, we went into the doctor's office for Campbell's 2 month check up and as I was signing in the woman at the front desk was equally confused.

Me - I am here for my daughter's 2 month check up.

Receptionist - Name please?

Me - Campbell Gardner

Receptionist - Not finding it, is that hyphenated or with a space between the two last names?

Me - First name Campbell, last name Gardner.

Receptionist - Oh, ok... and its a girl???

Since both incidents happened with my doctor's office, I have to question the intelligence level of the people they are hiring there. But I do love our doctor (when we see the doctor I like, Dr. Kelly).

For those people interested in Campbell's stats from the appointment here you go:

Height - 23 inches - 56th percentile
Weight - 11.5 pounds - 51th percentile
Head Size - 15.5 inches - 51th percentile
Cuteness Scale - 100th percentile (seriously the doctor said she had a perfect head, so that is what I took from her comment)

Also, a little side note - Peter had to get a shot yesterday and DID NOT CRY... I was so impressed. He is such a big boy now, it astounds me!

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The Life of a Greek Wife said...

Oh my gosh - Zoe had almost the exact same head and weight at her 4 month appointment!