Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Tuesday Top Ten - Things I Love That Are NOT My Children

Being a mom of three (or two, or one for that matter) it is hard not to lose your identity and just become wrapped up in your kids. People don't make it easier either! 90% of people who do not know me well enough to know I have other things going on other than my kids ONLY ask about my kids. Well guess what people, I have more than just my kids! I had a life before kids, and I try my hardest to keep up with it as a mother.

So here you go, the Top Ten Things I Love That Are NOT My Children.

1. Washington Capitals Hockey - (you are shocked, right?) Instead of me retyping all about my love for the Caps, just go read this blog.

2. My husband - Obvious I know, but without being too cheesy, I literally found the absolute most perfect person to spend my life with. Brett lets me get away with being a little crazy at times, while also keeping me grounded. He fully supports me staying home to raising our family, and is a wonderful father. We have the exact same corny sense of humor, and he isn't bad to look at either. I should write a top ten about how awesome he is.

3. My yearly road trips - I have 3 trips that I make every year that I am absolutely obsessed with. The first is my annual trip to the Hershey Spa with my Aunt Marilyn, cousin Shellie, and friend Sun in the winter. Second is our time share at Massanutten Ski Resort the week of President's Day. Third is our trip to Syracuse for the New York State fair and my Uncle Jim's bonfire. I look forward to these trips all year because they are relaxing, and have become such tradition.

4. Working Out - It doesn't matter if I am running, biking, swimming, weight lifting, or taking a class at the gym, working out it a huge part of my life. Staying active and working on keeping my body healthy will always be a priority in my life, no matter how busy I get.

5. Working - A lot of people don't know that I work, but I do. From home, for about 2-5 hours a week, I work for and interior decorating firm Graham Designs as an Administrative Assistant. Most of my work is invoicing, maintaining the website, and paperwork; but I still like making a little money for the family and continuing to use my brain. Plus it is great to have on the resume in case I ever want to go back to a "real" job again.

6. Crafting - I love nothing more than to craft. Whether it is scrapbooking, making decor for our walls, painting, or most recently making hair bows for Campbell. It is very calming for me after a day with the kids, and a fun way to make personal gifts.

7. Cooking - My grandmother loved to make fried food, my grandfather loved to bake, my mom loves making chilies and stews, and my father cooked a mean breakfast or anything on the grill... I love it all! Which is good seeing as we can't afford to eat out much!

8. My Friends - I had people tell me that when I became a parent, I would lose all my single friends. Well I must have lucked out, because here we are three years later and we are still close friends with the people we were close to before kids. Our friends are generous, understanding of our busy schedules and very fun! I do not know what I would do with out them!

9. Music - I inherited a very eclectic taste in music from my father. Brett and I have a CD collection of over 800 albums that range from all genres and time periods. We LOVE seeing live music and make it a huge part of our every day lives.

10. Games - I will play anything (although the less coordination needed the better) Cards, mini golf, Fantasy Football, bowling, dominos; you name it I'll play.

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BlythePoo said...

I didn't know you went up to the fair every year! My family is from Syracuse and I used to do the same growing up - even worked at the Belgium Waffle Stand in the dairy building 1 year. How fun!