Friday, January 8, 2010

One word

Brett just called to tell me about a conversation he had with a co-worker (we will call him Brian... because that is his name). This is paraphrased as I clearly was not there:

Brian - Hey, have you been on Facebook today?

Brett - Yes, why?

Brian - Well, a bunch of people are just putting 1 word status messages up. Its weird.

Brett - What are they writing?

Brian - Stuff like, pink, nude, black, lace

Brett - Were they all girls?

Brian - I don't know, maybe? I did it too.

Brett - Really, what did you put up?

Brian - Caramelized

Brett - That's funny, because my wife was telling me this morning how she had a bunch of forwards from her girl friends this morning telling girls to put the color or their bra up as their Facebook status.


Here is the forward I received this morning from a bunch of friends and family (that I told Brett about). I am apparently a giant prude because I didn't post my color. Only Brett gets to know top secret info like that!

"We are playing a game...... silly, but fun! Write the color of your bra as your status, just the color, nothing else!! Copy this and pass it on to all girls/Females ...... NO MEN!! This will be fun to see how it spreads, and we are leaving the men wondering why all females just have a color as their status!! Lets have fun ladies!"

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