Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Fears of a new mother...

If you talk to almost any new mother they will tell you that they have woken up in the middle of the night in a panic that their new baby isn't breathing. Some women check their newborns several times a day during naps and through the night just to be sure.

I am not one of these mothers.

Not to say that I NEVER had that pang of fear, I checked a couple times when Peter was a new born, but it is very rare. I guess that is the good part about not being a nervous mother/person.

The other night however the nervous mom came out in full force...

Scene - 3:30am, Brett and my bed, I have just woken up realizing that I dosed off while feeding Aaron.

Me - (half asleep) Honey, I think Aaron is done eating, can you bring him back to his room?

Brett - Sure (picks Aaron and takes him)

Me - (the words of a thousand stories and warnings I have heard about not having you baby in bed with you because you could smother them accidentally, run through my mind)

Brett - (returning to bed) Good night babe.

Me - Was Aaron alive when you put him to bed?

Brett - Yes

Me - Can you check?

Brett - OK? (leaves for a minute, then returns) He is fine.

Me - Are you sure?

Brett - Yes, he was breathing and everything.

Me - What methods did you use to determine that he was breathing?

Brett - Good night babe.

At that point I got up to check myself.

Aaron was fine... just like the rest of the 99.9999999999% of babies whose mothers freak out and insist on making sure they are OK!

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