Thursday, August 7, 2008

Miracle baby!

Aaron Michael Gardner was (as previously posted) born on July 30, 2008 at 3:13am. He was 5 weeks early, and within hours of his birth we were hearing bad news. Our baby's lungs were under-developed, we were going to be staying in the hospital for a week or two, and he was also jaundice. I have should have known then not to worry though, because we have gotten scary news since being pregnant with Aaron, and against all odds the kids just powers through.

At our 18 week doctor's appointment during my pregnancy with Aaron we were told that there was a complication with his cord that sometimes causes birth defects, and that he had a strong change of having growth restriction issues in utero. After a couple months of praying Aaron had grown to being over 6 pounds with 6 weeks to go in the pregnancy. I was told that he was healthy and if he went full term he would be upwards of 10 pounds at birth (thank goodness I was scheduled for a c-section!).

Post-birth Aaron continued to shock us, by taking to every medication, machine, etc. that he was put on to help him mature to the strength of a "regular" newborn. When I was finally able to feed him he latched to my breast right away, despite the doctors telling me that premies are usually too small and not strong enough to feed from their mothers.

Between a fast recovery, high birth weight (for a premie), and being such a good eater, Aaron was released from the hospital only 5 short days after his birth. To make matters seem that much more miraculous you should know that day 1 of his life my doctor told me (and I quote) - "It will be an act of God if he leaves the NICU before 7 days."

Not only that, but Aaron some how passed his miracles on to mommy! I had been expecting a long and painful recovery after what I went through with Peter's birth, but with Aaron I felt better leaving the hospital then when I was admitted (it was a tough pregnancy). Sunday was the last day that I had to take narcotic pain pills (I was on Vicodon in the hospital), my energy is high, and with the exception of a little back pain I feel like a million bucks.

The best part about that is that I have been able to get tons done that I hadn't taken care of around the house before Aaron's arrival, and (because I am not taking pain meds) I am allowed to drive! I am still napping in the afternoon to stay rested (since I am getting up to feed Aaron at night), and sticking to my doctor's rule about not picking up items over 10 pounds (this includes Peter, which is heart breaking), but other than that I am not the least bit affected.

A healthy family is all we ever wanted, and right now it seems like we have that and more!

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