Sunday, August 31, 2008

Aaron's first bath!

Last weekend, when Don and Jen were visiting us we decided that it was time for Aaron to have his first bath.

We set the tub up so that Aaron could be in the baby bath on one side of the tub and Peter could be in the other, with the toys between as a barrier so that Peter would keep his baby attacks to a minimum.

This method worked great, and Aaron did a good job (regardless of peeing on himself). After a few minutes he did start crying so we got him out to put on his PJs, but we plan to have bath time as a family on a regular basis from now on.

After Peter finished up with his bath Uncle Don dried him off and read him some good night stories before bed.

It was exciting having Uncle Don and Aunt Jen get to spend time with the kids and especially have them enjoy a "first" for Aaron.

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